Tuesday, February 16, 2016

These Three....

Oh these crazy kids -- how on earth do they look so old?!  Katie seems so grown up lately.  And I keep remembering that Jack is one of the "big kids" now.  He will be FOUR in a matter of months!!!! And our teeny baby, Ryan...he is definitely not a teeny baby anymore!  He is a hoss and has the cutest little personality.  Whenever Katie and Jack are getting in trouble, for whatever reason, he comes up and says "hi! hi! hi!" in the cutest little voice.  I guess he's the peacemaker of the group (even though he has been known to bodyslam and smack Jack around - survival of the fittest maybe?)!
Look at those sweet smiles!
I don't even know what Brad was doing behind me to get those smiles, but I will take it!  I'll definitely be framing one of those pictures!  I am glad I have remembered to get my nice camera out lately - the picture quality is much better (though the iphone pics aren't too shabby...and definitely more convenient)!


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Just For Fun: Kiddo Pictures

Last Friday I had the camera out and ready to use before the Daddy Daughter Dance, so I snapped a few pictures before school!  Katie has learned that if she just does a cute smile and cooperates, it will be over that much sooner.  Jack actually asks me to take his picture!  And Ryan is at a very challenging stage (almost 20 months...how is that possible!?), so I have to snap quickly (and get an older sibling to be silly behind me)!
Here she is before school!  And it was actually the 100th day of school!  They only have to dress like a 100 year old in kindergarten...glad we only had to do that for one year. 
 And Jack was SO excited about Buzz Lightyear...I bought him off of a local site and Jack happened to find him and couldn't get enough!  Buzz went everywhere that day!  Here he is after asking for a picture with his new buddy!
 And holy cow.  I am loving this picture.  A real smile.  And eyes open (not a squinty smile).  And the colors.  And just yes. HA!  Sweet boy.
 I got Jack to pretend sneeze and Katie to play peek a boo behind me to snap this one!  And let me say it was still luck that I got one of him with his eyes open and looking at me.  Cutie!  He is talking to much more and just so funny.  Love his budding personality!
Yay for posting more frequently! Hoping I keep it up all year!  Happy February!