Monday, April 30, 2012

Bump Watch: 32 Weeks

How far along: 32 weeks! (as of this past Saturday)
Size of baby: A large jicama (um, excuse me..what exactly is that!?) - about 3.75 lbs and 16.7 inches on average!
Total weight gained: At my appointment last week, I had gained 2 lbs since my last appointment - I will take it!   So I guess, in total, that means 15 pounds so far.  And my blood pressure was 103/78 - I was thrilled to see that.
Maternity clothes: Um, most definitely.  I have finally stopped wearing a bunch of the tshirts that I had before - they aren't long enough and show some belly!  DEFINITELY not attractive!
Gender: The 4D ultrasound confirmed that he is definitely still a boy!
Movement: Lots - and when he does move, most of the time it is a slow, steady move across the belly.  Whew - and when he's active, he means business!  He gets hiccups ALL THE TIME!  Like at least three times a day - morning, early afternoon, and as I'm settling into bed for the night.
What I Miss: Walking normally - I feel like I officially have the "pregnancy waddle" going!  I definitely miss waking up and feeling rested - it will be a long while before that happens, I know.  And when I get out of bed, I have to walk like a 90 year old - everything is sore and so stiff!
Cravings: I can't think of anything in particular!
Aversions: Can't think of anything here either.  Though when I have that heartburn feeling, spicy things are definitely not a good idea.
Symptoms: Oh my - heartburn is in full force these days.  It happens when I'm hungry, it happens while I'm eating, and it happens if I lay too flat at night.  Thank goodness for Tums.  Oh, and the back pain - no fun at all.  Thank goodness for a husband that is willing to rub my back every night (even though he doesn't like to)!
Best moment of the week: The 4D ultrasound was awesome.  It is so neat to know that that is the baby that is growing inside my and will soon join the world.  I can't wait to see him "in person" and hold him and kiss him.  And I can't wait to see how much Katie loves her little brother.  That smile he did for us during the ultrasound melted me for sure.

And for good measure, here I am at 32 weeks with Katie in comparison to 32 weeks with Jack.  I think I look the exact same.  Maybe...just face isn't as puffy this time around.
 And this shows how I have grown since the last belly picture at 30 weeks!
 And just for fun, here I am at 24, 28, 30, and 32 weeks.  I'm definitely growing...that is for sure!
I think the rest of our furniture comes in this week (I hope!) and I CANNOT wait to get things going in in, clothes washed and put away, bedding in, things on the!!  More to come on that as it happens.  Whew!  I wonder how much more my belly will grow...I feel as if I am close to maximum capacity now but I also know that there is 6.5 weeks of baby growth.  And we all know that baby growth = belly growth :)

PS: I have found a new online collage maker since Picnik closed.  It is iPiccy!  VERY easy!


Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Birthday Girl...THREE Years Old!

How can it be possible that I have a THREE year old?? Wow.  It seems like not long ago that I was in the hospital and getting so excited and anxious to meet our sweet girl.  Time truly does fly by when you're having a good time!  Here are some pictures of Katie over the last few years...

 1st Birthday:
 2nd Birthday:
 A couple days shy of her 3rd birthday:
It is so fun  to go back and look at pictures and see how she has changed and grown.  I can't wait to see how tall she is and how much she weighs at her 3 year appointment (tomorrow)!  She is such a joy and a blessing...and she has a true zest for life.  She may keep us on our toes, but there is definitely never a dull moment around our house!

Happy Birthday, Sugar Bear! We love you so much!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baby Jack 4D Ultrasound: Part Two

Here are some of the ultrasound pictures as promised!  I didn't find it appropriate to show all 41 pictures, so here are a few that I like!  Even after looking at these again, I am still so amazed - this little boy is growing inside me...and I can't believe how much he favors Katie!  Oh, and he's still a boy...but I didn't want to post that picture :)

Here, he has his eyes open - you will see that his eyes look a little different (you can actually kind of see the retina!) here than in the rest of them...
 Such a sweet, angelic face...
 Stretching in there!  Katie's face makes this same expression when she stretches - even now!
 I love seeing his hand in this one - it is also as if he is saying, "Alright, quit taking pictures!!"...he will learn quickly that that is very unlikely :)
 And my favorite.  A smile!  A sweet, cute, adorable baby smile!  And he isn't even here yet!  Just amazing.
Baby Jack - you are so, so loved!  We can't wait to meet you!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby Jack 4D Ultrasound: Part One

Yesterday, we headed to a local office to do a 4D ultrasound of Baby Jack! We had both of our moms come - so fun!  We did this with Katie too and just loved it.  I have one of the pics framed in Katie's room and it is so neat to see that she still has that same look when she sleeps!

I am going to do two installments of this experience because I haven't gone through the pictures from the CD yet.  So those will come later.  There are some cute ones - I can't wait to go through them!

We were trying to get a picture of us with the big screen and Jack on there.  Well, with the flash, it didn't show, and without the flash, none of us showed up.  So just imagine these next two pictures combined into one :)  The moms on the left, and me and Brad on the right (obviously).  The moms were amazed at how clear the images and ultrasound were.  When we did this with Katie, I think I was about 27 weeks, and this time I am almost 32 weeks.

 And here is a picture of me and Brad.  We almost match!  And no, it was not planned.  Good gracious I am looking pregnant these days...and feeling way pregnant too!  My back hurts and my hips/glutes are really sore and tight too.
 And here is the last image that was captured.  I just love it.  Like I said, I can't wait to go back through the ones he captured.  I know there is at least one of Jack smiling! Amazing.  We also got a DVD - won't post that on here, but it is neat to have for sure.  Also, keep in mind that I took this picture of  the computer screen, so the actual ones on the CD will be better :)
One thing we couldn't get over was how much Jack favors Katie!  That was the first thing I thought when he started the ultrasound.  Here is one of the pictures from the 4D ultrasound with Katie.
This makes me so, so excited (as if I wasn't already).  Seven weeks from today is when Jack will be born - so exciting...and lots to do!  I think we will finally get the furniture delivered the end of next week so we can get the nursery going...can't wait to do that.  I think I have officially entered the nesting phase.  After Katie's party, I feel certain I will be ready to organize and wash all those cute baby boy things!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Successful Little Sunday

This past Sunday we relaxed since I was recovering from the big annual conference I plan.  We headed outside for Katie to play with the bubble-blowing lawnmower that she got for Christmas...and she LOVED it!  After we were out for a bit, our neighbors came outside, so Katie and Stella had races with their lawnmowers and got to ride in the double stroller!  Here is Katie loving her lawnmower...
If only we could let them really cut the grass now...
Brad and Sadie hung out on the steps for a bit - we were trying to make sure Sadie didn't race from person to person since a bunch of our neighbors were outside at this point!
Sweet Stella loving the bubbles!
Jill (Stella's momma) was pushing the girls up and down our street hoping to encourage labor to happen/continue...more on that momentarily!
And then Daddy and Katie had a race!
The girls were sitting very unladylike, so Jill's mom got them both to cross their legs while they rode in the stroller.  I just love this!
So, back to Jill.  She would push the girls, stop to breathe through a contraction, and just continue.  Let's just say that this is her last pregnant picture!  Glad I had my camera with me :)  We all went inside at about 12:45 to eat lunch, etc.  After that we headed to a furniture store to get a sofa for the end of our bed and also ended up getting a new mattress (YAY!!!).  When we got in the car, I looked at my phone and saw that I had a text saying that Baby Hank had been born!!!
So cute.  Yes - so let's 12:45, we all went inside.  At 1:30, they headed to the hospital (she was at a 9 when they got there!!!).  And at 3:07, Baby Hank was born!  He is just precious and Stella is a great big sister.  We are so excited for them and can't wait for Hank and Jack to be best buddies!
I'd say that was quite the successful Sunday, don't you think?? I went later that night to meet Hank and visit for a little bit with Jill and Lewis.  So glad they made it to the hospital in time and that everybody is doing well!  They are at home now and Katie got to meet him - she did pretty well.  I'm hoping the slow exposure to Hank will help with the transition to having Jack at home.  Only time will tell, I guess :)


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Wednesday, AGAIN?! Wow!  Time is certainly flying!  Here's what I'm loving today...
 I'm LOVING this picture of me with my mom at the conference I planned this past weekend! I think my face has certainly started the "pregnancy bloat" - well, because of the pregnancy weight gain :)
 I'm LOVING the springy wreath I got at Kirklands!  I had a good one for summer and fall and Christmas - but was lacking in the spring department.  I love it - and I love that it is a good size for the door!
 I'm LOVING that Brad installed the towel holders in Katie's and Jack's bathrooms - here is Katie's!  I like that a towel can hang there rather than lay in a pile on the counter.
 I'm LOVING this Pinterest find - a car emergency kit for mommas...that fits in a used wipes container!
 I'm LOVING this idea for Katie's birthday party...which is THIS WEEKEND!  AH! I need to figure out the food situation, but the decor and activities are a work in progress!
 I'm LOVING this idea of pictures to take with your kids.  I need to keep up with all these lists so I can really start to mark some off!
What are you loving today?? Link up {HERE}!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Last Weekend Recap

Since I was posting on the blog about our beach trip and all of that fun stuff, I didn't get to do a post about our weekend LAST weekend (like over a week ago)!  Better late than never though, right??  That Saturday, we went to a housewarming/spring party at our friends' house.  It was great weather and we had a ball - I know Katie loved all of the attention for sure!  My friend is a child life specialist, so they were all over Katie...and I knew she was in good hands for sure!  Here she is playing with bubbles...
And here she is hiding in the corner of their yard.  She loved running around!
And then that Sunday we headed out for a family adventure at the zoo!  It was a bit crowded since the weather was so nice, but it was a fun time!  And we renewed our annual membership, so we are good to go for another year!  Here is Katie - I think she looks so old in this picture!
I fixed her hair a little differently and I think that made her look older.  I love that spiral curl that developed in the back of her cute!
She really wanted to see the tigers for some reason - she's so funny!  I never know what her favorite animal is going to be!
And then she, of course, loved the petting zoo part - here she is brushing a goat!
And it looks like she and this llama (is that what it is? or is it a camel?) are in a deep conversation!
And she wanted to head to the carousel after we stopped for a snack.  Here she is with Brad!
And then she wanted me to go on with her - and I got this picture!  She had a great time on the carousel - she talked about it for days!
And we were actually able to get a picture of the two of us together!
And of her "on daddy's head" (that's what she calls it when she rides on his shoulders)
To top off the fun, we stopped and got ice cream on the way home.  I know she had a great day - and we did too!  I am loving these fun things we are doing as we enjoy our last weeks as a family of 3!
Can't wait for some more family fun!