Friday, March 29, 2013

Concert Fun: Maroon 5

Sunday night, we headed out to our second Maroon 5 concert - what a fun date night with friends!  And they did not disappoint (especially Adam Levine...whew!)!  We have seen them once before when they toured with Train - that concert was AMAZING!  This one was great -- only problem was that we weren't terribly impressed with the opening acts.  Owl City was pretty good.  Neon Trees, however, was pretty ridiculous.  As in ridiculously bad.  But we still had a great time and were on our feet the whole time Maroon 5 was performing!  I love dancing and singing at concerts :)

Here we are with Tanja & Nick - so fun! 
A fun picture of us (did I mention I love Instagram??)!
This was when Maroon 5 had taken stage...fantastic!
I love this picture!  Again, thanks to Instagram for a fun filter for the photo!
And towards the end...pretty awesome! (thanks, Sina, for the pic!) 
Dinner and a concert with friends...can't wait to find another concert to go to so we can do it again!  


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Calling Dr. Katie

Katie finally wore her scrubs that Santa brought her!  She loves playing doctor and checking Sadie out (along with anyone else around)...and she looked so cute dressed up like a doctor!
I love her expression here...she looks genuinely concerned about Sadie!!
I love how enormous this little lady's imagination is so much fun!
And Sadie is a good sport for being her patient...
I have a feeling Jack is going to be her patient soon...though I'm not sure how good he will be about letting her use the different doctor tools on him!
And of course I can't forget this little guy...what a little snuggle bear!
It is never a dull moment in our house these days!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Bunny Visit + Some Trains

Sorry for my absence lately...we've just been busy!  Katie is on Spring Break this week and I wanted to find something fun to do each day with the kiddos, so we have been busy doing that.  But I will be sure ti do a post of all the fun we are having - don't you worry :)
 But I want to make sure I do posts of other fun things we have done recently!  Last Friday, I took the kids to see the bunnies at a local toy store!
 Every year for a while before Easter, this store has a big display where you can come see the bunnies.  It is so neat!  There used to be a department store that had the bunnies (I would always go see them there when I was little), but that store closed a while back and this toy store has continued the tradition!
The kids loved it!  And I loved that they matched :)
 I can't believe how much Katie has grown since our visit last year!
 I think this is my new favorite angle for pictures...I love it!  And I love that sweet face :)
She was SO excited...doesn't she look ready to go?!
 On the way there, we stopped to pick Cee Cee up and then headed to the toy store.  This was the best pic I could get of the two of them in front of the bunny area!
 While she was excited about seeing the bunnies, she was even more excited about the trains!  They have model trains set up and you can look at them - and play with different train tables and dollhouses!
 Jack was fascinated with the bunnies too!
 Most of the bunnies were asleep, but there were a few that had some energy!
 After a stop by the bunnies, we were off to the trains!
 This little guy didn't know what to think - there was so much to see!
 And of course Katie (and Cee Cee) had to play with all the toys!
 After we let Katie pick out a few things to give one of her friends as a birthday present, we were heading out.  The people that own the bunnies were outside and let Katie hold a little bunny!
Do you think she was excited?? HA!  She would not stop talking about the fact that she got to hold a bunny!  I love that this store has continued the bunny tradition so I can take my kids to do something that I did when I was little!


Friday, March 22, 2013

Favorite Pinterest Ideas

Today I am linking up with Kelly's Korner's SUYL: Favorite Pinterest Ideas!  And good grief, I should be an expert there...I have close to 7700 pins! So here are some of the pins that jumped out at me as I scrolled through them!

Isn't this a great quote??
 Love this cake as inspiration for Katie's party!
 Love this as inspiration for a memory board for Jack's first birthday!
 I am going to get all of our eggs out for Katie to play with...what a great idea to make it a learning activity too!
 How can I already be thinking of apparel for football season?!  I absolutely love this scarf - Auburn colors AND dots!
 This essie color, Cute As A Button, is so fun!  I actually have it on right now :)
 I'm also trying to come up with some fun things to do this summer...this would be a fun routine!
 Speaking of football season, I cannot get over this necklace...WAR EAGLE!  And I think I may need to add this to my jewelry stash soon!
 Doesn't this wreath scream spring?? I love it!
 We will be doing this the next time we go to the zoo...a zoo passport to check things off as you see them!  
Wanna follow me on Pinterest?  There is sure to be something you like in all those pins :)  Find me {here}!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jack: 9 Months

Anytime I talk about this topic in a positive manner, I feel like I need to knock on wood for about 5 minutes.  Jack is doing great with sleeping!  He goes down between 7:30 and 8 and will sleep about 12 hours.  I don't know whether he just hasn't needed the pacifier as much or what but we haven't had to go in for binky retrieval at all lately!  I know he can find it and put it back in his mouth, so that could be what is happening as well.  He also takes 2 naps:  1 at around 10:15 for 2-3 hours, and 1 at around 3:15 for 1.5-2 hours!
Thankfully, Jack is pretty good about eating!  He has cereal 2-3 times a day, 2-3 jars of baby food a day, and sometimes he has a baby yogurt!  He has tried so many different foods with no issue, so that is good!  We use Earth's Best baby food (or those Plum Organic pouches)...and then I make some too!  Some different foods I have made include cantaloupe, zucchini, avocado, blueberries, banana, and sweet potato.  He has also had all the standard fruits and veggies plus some interesting combos!  Soon, we will try the baby foods with different meats mixed in.  And we are going to start introducing more finger foods - banana, avocado, green beans, pasta, etc.  That should be quite the messy adventure! :)  As for bottles, he usually has 4 bottles (we just recently went from 5 to 4 bottles ... when we added the lunchtime meal) of about 7 ounces each! 
Jack had his 9 month appointment today and weights 21 pounds, 4 ounces (50th percentile)!
He is 28 inches long (also 50th percentile)!
Size Clothes
He is wearing an array of sizes right now - still some 9 month, 6-12 month, and some just 12 month sizes!  There are a few 9 month things that are too short or too snug, so I have a feeling the 12 month things will be the main portion of his wardrobe before too long.
Size Diapers
Size 3 is working perfectly right now!
Hair color
He has real hair!  And it seems a little darker than Katie's...he seems like he may even have a touch of some red in there too!
Eye color
Those sweet big blue eyes get me every time!
Looking Like
When he smiles, he and Katie look similar, but I feel like he has really started developing his own look the last couple of weeks! 
The Dude, Jackaroni, and Jacky Wacky are still around!  Little Man and Little Buddy have been more popular this month too :) 
Favorite toy
Sophie the Giraffe definitely got a lot of laughs at his 9 month pictures.  He is also loving the walker since he has figured out how to take off in it!  And he still likes the crinkly noise (he has a book and a star that do that).  The exersaucer is always a favorite.  And he loves to swing out on the swingset.
While we have been quite busy lately, everything has been pretty standard!  Jack has loved his walker, but we figured out that it can be lowered, so he now actually uses it for its intended purpose!  And MAN does he take off!  He is so efficient in tight spaces and takes turns with ease!  He has figured out that if he gains some momentum, he can run into the office doors to open them!  He also has discovered the sun room with all of Katie's toys.  To say she is less than thrilled about that is an understatement!  
Also, he did have his first finger foods this month (puffs, yogurt melts, and Cheerios)!  He is more entertained by them but does manage to get some in his mouth from time to time.
Based on his 9 month appointment, he is right on track!  He responds to his name, he has at least one word, he can sit independently, he is scooting/crawling/rolling everywhere, he is eating solid foods, he does the pincer grasp with puffs/Cheerios/yogurt melts, he babbles, he attempts to clap his hands...he is right on track!  He hasn't taken off crawling just yet - it really could be any second now (I'm not wanting to rush that though because I know life is never the same once mobility is achieved)!  And he hasn't pulled up in the crib yet - again, I'm OK with that.  He sleeps in a sleep sack, so that could be part of the reason.
It seems that he makes more noise daily!  He says "mamama" for me, "dadada" for Brad, and "bababa" just because he can :)  I need to pay closer attention to this - I swear he says "dadada" for Sadie (meaning "dog")...we always say dog when she is nearby.  Could be a coincidence, but I prefer to think he is brilliant :)  He loves to hear himself make noise too - he will just grunt or growl or squeal and looks so proud of himself!
Anything else?
The best way to start the day is going into Jack's room to get him up - that great big grin, arms reaching for me, and the biggest squeezy hug ever once I have picked him up.  That is his snuggliest time of day and I just relish every moment!  He has also gotten extremely squirmy when you try to hold him!  He is still the best baby ever - for real.  I know something is up when he cries and is fussy (which was the case this month).  He had a cold and an ear infection a couple weeks ago and just wanted to be held and sleep in our arms.  He didn't want to eat and was just so sad!  We did learn that he is not a fan of amoxcillin...we are finishing it up in the next couple of days and he fights it every time it is time to take it!  Also, we ate dinner out last week and had a cute server...Jack was in the highchair and every single time she would come over, he was grabbing her apron or her belt or her butt!  Oh my...we all got a good laugh for sure!

My favorites from his 9 month pics with Shutterbelle Photography!