Sunday, September 26, 2010

Labor Day at Katie Camp

Over Labor Day weekend, we spent some time with great friends at Katie Camp! Yes, that's right - the cabin was called Katie Camp. That meant it had to be fabulous, right?! Well, it was pretty great. There were 10 adults and 4 kiddos - an adventure for sure! We had some awesome dinners at the cabin, saw some beautiful waterfalls, watched lots of football on the first football Saturday of the season, had some bonfires, and looked at all the amazing stars. It really was great to "escape" - the cabin was in the middle of nowhere off of the most windy road known to man! Also, while we were there, Katie went on her first boat ride! Here are some pictures from the weekend!
The amazing view from the wrap-around porch

Katie is ready for the boat!

A view from the dock of the house

I love this picture - Katie's expression is so funny!

So cute :)

The guys

The ladies

Later that day, Katie was supporting the Vols (not to worry - she does have an adorable Auburn dress as well!)

A latenight bonfire

Katie is ready for the day!

A neat butterfly while walking to one of the waterfalls

Brad and Katie looking at one of the waterfalls - I think this picture is so sweet.

At the entrance to the driveway

Family shot with pretty mountains behind us

The beginnings of fall - I can't wait!

About to take a nap on the way home!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shutterbug Momma

This morning I went to an informal photography lesson that a local photographer hosted. Since I now have a "fancy" camera, I felt it would be useful for me to really learn how to use it and what all those different settings mean! We learned about the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and other technical things that help you take a great picture. We have homework and go back on Thursday night to share our progress...what fun! It was just me and two other mommas, so if we had questions it was really easy to ask and figure things out. I am excited to see what I can do with my camera now that I am really learning what it can do! Amanda is also a great photographer, so I can't wait for the mini-session sometime next year! :) So, for now, just call me a Shutterbug Momma!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

MDO Success

Well, it finally happened. I had wondered how long it would take for Katie to go running into her classroom at MDO. Today was the day! I was worried because she had been doing so much better each day of school, and then they didn't have it on Tuesday. I thought that would equal s setback. Boy was I wrong! We arrived and walked in - Katie was wanting to touch everything, so I carried her up to the classroom. When she saw her teacher, she squealed, smiled, wiggled out of my arms, and ran straight into the classroom and started playing. That made me SO happy. I love that she loves it.

When I picked her up, they told me that she is the best, happiest, most cuddly baby! I love hearing that she is well-behaved for others. I also love it that other people can enjoy her wonderful personality.

On a different note, today was picture day at school for Katie. I sure hope she cooperated for the camera - can't wait to see how they turned out!

I have lots of picture posts that are coming soon - I just have to upload lots of pics! :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Funny Faces, Sweet Smiles, & Other Fun Pictures

So - good news!! I am SO close to being caught up in my updating! I have done all the posts from the pictures I have uploaded, but have no fear! There are a lot of pictures on my camera that I need to load and post about :) These are just some random pictures of Katie and Sadie.

That bow lasted all of about 2 minutes...

I wonder if she inherited my "bag lady" gene - when I was little, I put everything in bags!

One of the best deals yet at a consignment sale - $1 .... and she LOVES it! It is also great because it makes a musical noise - helps me keep up with her :)

She loves to clean with a wipe or paper towel after she eats!

Goofy lady!

Cutie Sadie!

LOVE this - such a happy baby girl!

Katie LOVES playing with our shoes - especially flipflops! AND she has to have both of them...maybe it balances her out :)

Sisterly Love

For some reason, I just love this picture. I love Katie's little hand in this picture. I love Sadie's expression. They truly are going to be best friends in no time.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All She Needs is Blankets!

The little lady has found her first "hiding spot"! Sometime soon, before she gets too tall to fit under the table, I want to get a bunch of blankets and make a fort with the table and barstools and everything - how fun! She loves to take her toys, our flipflops, the remote controls, etc under the table and set them on the barstools. She then runs to her chair and takes things back in one at a time. I love that she has a fun little spot - the only downside is that she is oh-so-close to not being able to fit under the table because she is getting too tall! But for now, I'm glad she likes it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I've Got Spirit, How Bout You!

Well, I am happy to report that it is that time of year again! That's right, it is finally FOOTBALL SEASON! I am sure by the end of the season I will be more than ready for it to be over, but for now, I am happy cheering on my Auburn Tigers and the Tennessee Titans (as well as Brad's Tennessee Vols...most of the time)! I had an idea to create some fan-ware for the season, and my neighbor, who has a hairbow business, agreed to try something for me! She makes these flowers on bows and headbands, and I asked if she could do them for shirts....aren't they so freaking cute?! And of course for the Auburn and UT shirts, I had to have matching headbands :) She is so talented, and I love that she is willing to be adventurous! She does do the headbands on a regular basis - if you are interested, visit her blog (a link to her store - Twisted Ribbons - is on the right hand side in the list of blogs to check out)!


My collection of fanware - love them!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

All About Me

This is the square I made for Katie's All About Me square for Mother's Day Out. The teachers gave all the families a square and we had to bring it in on the first day of school. They laminated all of them and made a train using all of the squares - what a great idea!! Katie loves showing me her pictures when I go to pick her up. I sure hope we get this back at the end of the year because I love it!!

Roomie Reunion

Though it was way too short, we got a short visit in a few weeks ago! Ashley and I are both local, so when Robyn made a work trip to the area, we made sure to stop by for a visit. It is always great to be back together - I sure wish Robyn would move here :) Love these ladies!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kissy Kissy

While taking pictures of Katie self-feeding (a future post), she was quite kissy. I have been wanting to get some shots of her "kissy face" because, of course, I think it is absolutely adorable. Well here are the shots of the kissy face that I caught on camera. What a loving, sweet baby girl. She leans in, stares you in the eyes, and puckers those lips!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Outdoor Fun

We try to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Considering we have had a pretty brutal summer, this usually has to be done in the morning or late afternoon. I also love taking pics of Katie at the park because she always seems to have the best time playing and running and laughing. Here are a few from a recent park trip! And yes, as her shirt says, she's "kind of a big deal."

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Pretty in Pink

Here are just a few more pictures in my effort to catch up. Every so often I get the camera out and just take lots of pics to catch the "stage" that Katie is in. Around this time (a couple weeks ago), she was learning to throw the ball for Sadie - needless to say, I feel certain they will be best buddies in no time!!
So happy and cute

Daddy teaching her how to throw a ball for the dog

Sadie is so excited that her "little sister" is playing with her!

After they stopped playing, Katie wanted to read a book.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Day of MDO

Sweet Pea is ready to go!

And it looks like she is moving in! All of her gear for her first day - her lunch, lunchbox, milk, bag, "All About Me" square, lovey, blanket, binky, box of diapers, box of Bibsters, and a change of clothes!

Well, we all survived!! Katie had a GREAT first day - and of course, I loved seeing that great big smile of hers when I went to pick her up. Her teachers are just fabulous, which makes it a lot easier on us. Her special report today said, "Katie is a complete doll and had an excellent day! She was making funny faces at lunch - making her new friends laugh!" .... That's our girl! :) I wonder if we have a class clown on our hands?? :) I am so glad that Katie had a good time and I hope she gets used to it soon. She will be going Tuesday/Thursday from 9 to 2:30. I also find it funny that they do individual school pictures - that should be a hoot!
Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend! Be safe and have fun!

First Balloon Fun

We ate dinner at Chili's one night and the hostess brought Katie a balloon. She LOVED it!! And another bonus of the visit: the same hostess gave us a coupon for a free kid's meal on our next visit!!