Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Splish Splash

Sweet Pea got her first bath in the baby bathtub this past Sunday night. At first, she didn't know what to think about it, but she then decided she loved it and kicked around a little! Of course, I documented this occasion with pictures, so here we are! She loved me pouring water on her belly!!

Our Squirmy Worm...& Others

I put Little Girl down in the pack & play like this - she was definitely asleep but already had one arm out.....

I went to check on her because I thought I heard some movement - ha! I'd say she was definitely moving around...this is what she looked like just minutes later, looking oh so innocent...she had gotten out of her swaddler (which I do really tight to keep her in and snug) and out from under the blanket...and turned sideways!!

Aunt Leslie Ann and Aunt Lauren brought us dinner and visited and got to meet the Little One! I have known Leslie Ann since Pre-K and known Lauren since we were about 18 months old...hard to believe we are old enough to be mommies now!

We were headed somewhere last week and I took this picture - I just thought she looked so adorable in it that I had to post it :)

Our Third Anniverary

Not only was Baby K 8 weeks old last Wednesday, but it was also mine and Brad's third anniversary. I was thinking in the car that day that we have been so fortunate to do so many great things in these three years. And that three years ago we were getting married and about to head to Hawaii, two years ago we were in St. Thomas, last year we had just gotten home from Europe, and this year we have a precious baby girl to call our own. I guess time really does fly by when you're having fun because it doesn't seem like it has been three years! Here are a few pictures from our wedding day - how blessed we are!

8 Weeks...Already?!

Last Wednesday, Sweet Pea was 8 WEEKS...can you believe it?? 42 days...two months...whoa! She has really changed a lot - I love looking at these weekly pictures I take. She has really become a lot more interactive. She is kicking and squirming all the time and loves to look at ceiling fans! The big news this week is that she has started sleeping through the night!! HOORAY!!!! I can typically put her down between 10 and 11 (after a feeding) and she'll go anywhere from 6 to 9 hours between feedings, which puts at anywhere from 5:30 to 7:30. This began Sunday night after we got home from Louisville - she must have had a big weekend! And now that I know she can do it, I definitely encourage her to go back to sleep if she stirs in the middle of the night. So far so good on that!! Here are just a few of her at 8 weeks...such a cutie, if I do say so myself (and I do!)...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Brad's First Father's Day

This past Sunday was a special day for Brad - it was his first Father's Day! And what a great reason to celebrate...it's Sweet Pea's first Father's Day too! :) We headed back from Louisville Sunday morning and got home to celebrate. As you can tell, Baby K slept through the fun of Brad opening his gifts. She actually woke up just as Brad was finishing the gift-opening! It was a very special day for sure, and Brad looks forward to celebrating every year!

Thought that outfit was appropriate for Father's Day

Baby K sleeping through the celebration

Brad opening his gifts

Baby K loves her Daddy!! Happy Father's Day, Brad! We love you!

Family Pictures

As we have been around other folks lately, I have tried to get a good photo of our little family. Here they are - not too shabby!! Enjoy!

Louisville Here We Come...Baby's 1st Trip!!

This past weekend we went to Louisville to help celebrate my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. It is hard to believe they have been married TWENTY times, that's right, TWENTY times longer than we have. Wow...what an accomplishment! I look forward to the day we are celebrating big milestone anniversaries - especially the 60th!!

Sweet Pea is ready to hit the road!! She slept like a champ the whole 3 hour drive and only had to stop and eat one time!

The group at dinner Friday night

Fuzzy Zoeller (a professional golfer) was at the table over and came over to wish Ruth & Owen happy anniversary - he also signed a bottle of his "Fuzzy Vodka" and gave it to them as a gift

Dad toasting to their big accomplishment of 60 years - the whole room stood up and applauded them ... it was wonderful!

Dad & Owen admiring Baby K

Julie, Ruth, Robbin, & Ann visiting with Baby K

On Saturday, we went to Churchill Downs and watched some races and ate some delicious lunch

Ruth & Owen with the horse character

Baby K ready to soak up some sun (don't worry - she stayed in the stroller under cover the whole time)

Out by the pool just relaxing

Visiting with Aunt Ann at dinner on Saturday night

7 Weeks

CMT Awards

Last Tuesday, we got last-minute tickets to the CMT Awards in Brad's company's box. We had another date night!! We left Baby K with Grandma Cee-Cee and Uncle Will and headed out. It was so much fun and there were so many great performances. It is amazing that those talented singers sound just like the album recording when they perform (and yes, they were actually singing at the show)! What a fun night!

Me & Brad before the show

My favorite, Brad Paisley, performing

Taylor Swift performing

Keith Urban performing - and yes, he was that close...they had a second microphone set up for him to finish his song and he was literally right in front of us!!

Sugarland performing with the B-52's

Hand-Me-Down Outfit

My mom saved a lot of the cute little outfits I wore as a baby and little tyke. I can remember seeing myself in a lot of those outfits in pictures. I forgot I had some of them and pulled them out last week. I think this is the only time Baby K will get to wear this - but she looked rather adorable in it. Now I need to find a picture of me wearing it.

Lookin' Cute!

Mirror, Mirror, On the....Floor

We have found that Sweet Pea loves to look at herself! Whenever I put her in the car, she gets excited to see herself in the mirror that we have so that I can keep an eye on her when I am driving. I bought a mirror for her to play with a few weeks ago, and about a week and a half ago, I decided to mix some tummy playtime with the mirror...and she loved it!! I put her down on the floor on her Boppy pillow so she could prop herself up to look in the mirror. She just stared and smiled and laughed .... and eventually fell asleep!!