Monday, November 30, 2009

Mommy Instinct

Well over the past couple of weeks, Baby K has experienced a stuffy nose, pain in her bottom gums (I only know this because sometimes when I would try to touch them to check for teeth, she would scream), unusual whininess, pulling at her ears, and sometimes refusing to eat her normal amount. The very first day she also had a low-grade fever, but it was gone within a couple hours and never returned. The stuffiness and ear-pulling was on and off. Some days she would eat perfectly and others she would eat about half the normal amount. I kept thinking she was just teething, but there are still no teeth. She would also switch which ear she would pull on, so I didn't think it was an infection or anything.

Well over the last couple of days she gets whinier in the afternoons and was more consistently messing with her right ear. This morning she didn't want anything to do with eating. So I called the pediatrician and they suggested we come in...our first "sick baby appointment". We left with a prescription for Amoxicillin - that's right - that yummy, bubble gum tasting gooey stuff. I absolutely love it - and I really hope Baby K does too! She has an ear infection in her right ear. I am so glad I trusted my mommy instincts!

Also, an added bonus...I wanted to see how much Baby K weighs now - at 7 months - a whopping 18 pounds!!!! Growing way too quickly...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Unbelievably Fast

As I was sitting there feeding Baby K her last bottle of the day before she went to bed, I was thinking. Where in the world did the time go - she turned 7 months old today. She is now army crawling all over the place. She loves baby food. She has developed even more sass and spunk. She does not want to lay down anymore - she tried to sit up all the time. She has the cutest laugh. I am anticipating the first tooth any day now. She is growing way too fast. So my thought was this: how do you balance savoring every moment while looking forward to each milestone and new experience. I remember thinking how much fun Baby K would have on her first Christmas. Here we are less than a month away from just that. It seems just like yesterday I was heading to the hospital to have her. It seems like just yesterday that I was completely worn out from being up every 2 hours at night. It seems just like yesterday we had to be careful with her head when carrying her because she couldn't hold it up on her own. She has blossomed right before our very eyes. I can't wait to see her explore and learn and grow, but I also want her to stay this sweet, snuggly baby girl. I can't wait for her to say, "I love you, Mommy," and begin walking. While this is true, I love that she relies on me and needs me. I know she will continue needing me forever, but it is just different right now.

I have loved every single second of being Sweet Pea's mommy and am trying my best to soak up every toothless grin, giggle, and even cry. When I am frustrated, I tell myself, "You're gonna miss this." I can't wait to see wake up each day and see what new discovery Baby K will have. I love watching her and seeing the expressions that tell me she is really trying to figure things out. We are so blessed and love her so much. We are so lucky to be able to have such a sweet baby girl. :) These first 7 months have been amazing and I can't wait to see what the next days and weeks and months hold for our family.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Puffs & Sippy Cups

About a week I decided to let Baby K try Gerber Puffs. She is able to do the pincer grasp with her binky, so I thought she may like trying to feed these snacks to herself. She did pretty well figuring it out and after a few of them, she really enjoyed the taste. I do not give them to her everyday...that will begin once she can really feed them to herself. Here she is showing me her new treat :)

That same day, she also got to try something else new - a sippy cup! At her 6 month appointment, her pediatrician suggested we put a little water in it and just let her play with it a little before actually trying to use it at all. I have only let her play with it a few times since then, but she automatically knows what to do with it - straight to the mouth! Granted at this point, everything goes to the mouth to chew on it and slobber on it, so I don't know whether she knew it was a cup or that is just her way of checking it out. When she played with it, she loved banging it on the tray of the highchair and chewing on the spout. Whenever I set it on her tray, she gets so excited and tries to drink the water. I'm hoping that this sippy cup play will help her be more inclined to actually use a sippy cup down the road and ease the transition from the bottle. Luckily, we have a little time before that needs to happen!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baby K's Dedication

So, I am still playing catch up on my posts, but I will get there! On November 8, 2009, Baby K was dedicated at our church. Since we belong to a large church, they have a parent-child dedication service on a Sunday afternoon. This particular day there were seventeen babies being dedicated! I certainly wondered how peaceful the service would be, and to my surprise, it was great. Baby K only cried a little because she got too hot in her dress. Brad had to take her out of the sanctuary and fluff her dress to get her some fresh air. It was a great afternoon and Baby K was surrounded by so many who love her. I look forward to watching her grow in her faith. Now for some pictures from the day....

Family picture

Sweet Pea with her great-grandparents...she is truly blessed to have 4 great-grandparents!

Baby K with Papa and Nanny

Four generations - I think this is the best one yet (I have one from the day Sweet Pea was born and Mother's Day also)

Baby K with her grandmothers - CeeCee and Grandma

Sitting with Uncle Will

Such a sweetheart - and she is wearing the dress I wore when I was baptised as a baby. So special.

Monday, November 16, 2009

6 Month Pictures

We had Baby K's 6 month pics taken the first weekend of November. There are some really cute ones!! We are using the same photographer for her 3, 6, 9, and 12 month pictures so that we can get a panel of one at each age. If you go HERE, you will see the post on the photographer's blog of some of her favorites. Also, if you are wanting to see how much she has grown, go HERE for her 3 month pictures. Now for making the decision of which 6 month pics to order. Hopefully I will decide in a timely fashion....I ordered her 3 month pics just about 3 weeks before her 6 month ones. OOPS!! :) Better late than never, right??

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Little Spook

Well this was Baby K's first Halloween. While she is clearly too young to go trick or treating, she did dress up and help me hand candy out to all the little kiddos. She is so cute in her little costume - it even had a stinger sewn into the butt area! So cute. And she was such a good sport - I had her in that costume 3 different times!!! And what a lucky baby - Cee Cee, Uncle Will, Papa, Grandma, Great-Grandmother, Meme, Ruth, and Owen all got to see her dressed up! How special :) Enjoy a few of the many pictures I took (who is surprised??) of her!! :)

Absolutely bee-autiful :)

Sitting cute with the perfect size bag!

Isn't she so festive (and the cutest baby ever??)