Friday, February 26, 2010

Look What I Just Made...

So I decided I would make a 'sticker' to put with my Heart Smiles posts. I have been meaning to get creative for some time and decided that tonight was the night (even though I am exhausted)! So, here it is...hopefully you will see this many more times as I come across things that warm my heart...or make it smile :)

On a somewhat related note, my brother had wrist fusion surgery today. All went well and he was able to go home this afternoon as opposed to staying in the hospital for one night. Thank goodness! I know he is more comfy at home...can't blame him there. That would be why I am so worn out - I got to the hospital at 7 and didn't leave til about 3:30 (plus we have my mom's and his dog here and she and Sadie both woke up at 4:30...and so did I).

This weekend I plan to upload all of my pictures from February (any guesses as to how many there will be??) and do a big update. For bed and the latest issue of Real Simple sound quite amazing!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Heart Smiles

Baby K was showing Sadie her photo album (which she LOVES!) ... I just love this ... Baby K must have just gotten up because she definitely still has a severe case of bed head (and is still in her jammies!). Baby K is already using Sadie's ears to pull up :) Little does Sadie know that one day, sooner rather than later, this little lady is going to be her very best friend!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

January Firsts

OK so this post has been a long time coming (considering it IS the middle of February!), so here it is! The month of January was full of firsts for Miss Priss! Every day is now bringing something new and exciting with it - whether it is her making a new sound or that she is able to get around even better or that she actually has a curl of hair over her ear! I wanted to do a picture montage (aren't you surprised???) of some of the fun firsts through the month of it goes! ...

NOODLES!! ....
GETTING MY VERY OWN ELMO (thanks, Cee Cee!) ....

SNOW!! ....


TEETHING BISCUIT (she loves making a mess!) ...




Thursday, February 11, 2010

Heart Smiles

This post is going to be sort of odd - no picture! This morning, I was just sitting watching Baby K do her thing...crawl (or "inch worm" as we call it) around the floor, pick at the dog hair on the ground (ew), and play with her toys. She has also discovered that she does not have to stay in the area where she always plays - she can play with the dog's toys from her basket (ew, again) or she can go into Mommy & Daddy's room or she can go to the front door!! She doesn't have to stay on carpet - she can explore on hardwood floors! She was in the midst of making her way to Sadie's basket of toys when....

....her favorite, furry, red, little monster came on TV. That's right ... Elmo! And he was singing his song, too!... "La, la, la, la, la, la....Elmo's World...." She stopped everything. She looked at my with the sweetest grin. She looked at the TV and giggled. And then she clapped. She was so thrilled that Elmo came on the TV and was singing his song to her!

My heart smiled.

Monday, February 8, 2010

First Snow!!

I am a bit delayed in many of the posts that will be coming soon. One of them - Baby K's first snow experience(s). That's right - she has already played in the snow TWICE! The first time was enough to warrant pictures being taken, and the second was the most snow in the area in about 7 years - pretty impressive! And of course, I had to include a shot or two of Sadie...she absolutely loves the snow. She likes to dig in it with her nose so it ends up all over her face! Enjoy the few pictures here....

I think she was wondering what in the world all this cold, wet, white stuff was! She was so bundled up she could barely move.

One of my favorites from the beginning of the big snowfall!

Brad used Baby K's baby bathtub and converted it into a sled - he pulled her in it using Sadie's leash! I think she enjoyed it...

A family shot of us playing in the snow - actually a pretty good picture!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Heart Smiles

I have decided to try and do a series of posts titled "Heart Smiles" with pictures, quotes, etc. that, well, make my heart smile.
I absolutely love this picture - Baby K loves it when Daddy tosses her in the air. It is often part of the bedtime routine (unless she is grumpy because she has already seen her bottle waiting on her). If that smile doesn't make your heart smile, I don't know what would.

Monday, February 1, 2010

9 Months of Fun

Well, it really has been nine months (and a couple of days - sorry for the tardiness in this post!) since sweet Baby K graced us with her presence. She brightens every facet of my life. I can't wait to go into her room each morning and see that sweet smile that just screams excitement. I love all of her dainty, sweet noises. I love when she yells emphatically. I love seeing her play with her daddy (and as a side note, I love seeing Brad as a daddy - rather amazing, I must say). I love feeding her that last bottle of the day and kissing her on the forehead and telling her I love her before laying her down in the crib. I love how our family is perfect and the love we have for each other is perfect. Watching the joy and curiosity Sweet Pea has every single day is amazing.

Today we went for her 9 month appointment. I am happy to report that we all left a little happier because there were no shots! The only thing slightly traumatic was a finger prick to do a routine anemia check. Once the initial shock (pain) wore off, Baby K was so curious as to what the nurse was doing. She was definitely watching very intently! Maybe she was just keeping an eye on that nurse to make sure she wasn't going to prick her finger another time :) At 9 months, Baby K weighs 20 pounds even (65th-75th%) and is 28.25 inches in length (75th percentile). She is right on track and hitting all of the developmental milestones. She is now old enough to eat three meals a day, and pretty much any foods we feel comfortable feeding her. Let the messes begin! We also discussed the switch to cow's milk at 12, will it be nice to not have to buy formula! Here are some other stats at this point in her life:

Diapers: Size 3
Clothes: 6-9 month still...but planning to make the transition to all 12 month clothes very soon
Food: 4 bottles/day of 7 oz each; she loves anything we will feed her; she loves to feed herself anything small; she is very impatient when it comes to food time; she likes to bite down on the sippy cup
Talking: these are the sounds she makes - "da", "ma", "ba", "puh", "ta", "na", and sometimes "ya"
Crawling: She is like an inchworm! She has not just taken off quite yet but she definitely gets to wherever she wants to go.
Walking: Not yet - no pulling up either.
Sleeping: She sleeps 12-13 hours at night and takes 2 1.5 hour naps (at around 11 and 3)
Teeth: She has 2! The bottom front teeth cut through a couple of days ago.
Other: She knows "clap" and "jump"; she can wave to people; she shakes her head "no" (though I'm not sure she connects that that is what it means)

And as usual, here are some pictures....she is such a ham!