Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye, 2015!

What a year it has been! Here are a few pictures from our fall session this year - I love how they turned out!   
Oh man - these kids.  They sure hold my heart.  I am one blessed lady!
I can't even.  This picture just about makes my heart skip a beat!  That smile.  And those eyes.  Whoa.
And this girl.  How is she even six and a half now?!
And this boy.  I can't help but smile when I look at this picture!
I am also so thankful for this guy.  He didn't even complain {too much} about having these pictures taken!  I'd call that progress!
And I am pretty proud of this comparison!  I'd say I made some progress this year!  My goal was to lose weight and tone up!  I only lost about 27 pounds, but I did pass my goal weight!  And I'd say I toned up too.  After all, they say muscle takes up more space than fat, right?! :)  I love the workout routine I have now - joining the Y was definitely a good move this year!  Workout time for me and free childcare - definitely a good combo!
And a look at my nine most liked posts on Instagram from this past year.  I love these!  A mix of family and kiddos. That's about right!
Happy 2016! Can't wait to see what this year brings!

Fall Catch Up (Finally!)

And here we go on some major catch up before the end of the year! Nothing like last minute, right? HA!  These are all pictures from August to now, so brace yourself!
My dad and I had a date night!  We went to dinner and a concert - it was so much fun!  The concert was a bunch of oldies group (that I love too) - I love them because they are over early enough to get home and get to bed.  Yes.  That means I am old.
And I happened to find a picture of us together at Opryland when I was 3 - and I did a side by side comparison!  I sure do love it.
We also did our annual fair outing with Jill and Stella!  It was a hot one but we all had a great time!
Brad and I did a Color Run at night with much fun!
And some of my favorite neighborhood kiddos at the bus stop!  I think this was the first day everyone rode!
And at church they present first graders with Bibles - here is Katie with her Sunday School teachers and her new Bible!
We did a date night with Tanja and Nick - here is a picture of the girls!
We also had a girl night at Arrington Vineyards!  It is so beautiful - we really need to go out there more often!  Maybe that will be a 2016 goal.  HA!
Brad and I went to the UT game at the Titans stadium!
And a collection of pictures from a fun outing to Chuy's - love a collage!
And Katie's first soccer game of the fall season!  She loved goalie and forward this year!
Me with Meme on her birthday - I do believe this was her first selfie!
And my first soccer game of the season!  Such a good workout and made some new friends in the process!  And man was I sore!
Brad with his birthday cake - I could definitely eat it now.  Yum!
And we got together for friends for an Auburn game!  It is so fun to see the crew of kids grow every year!
My crazy crew :) I think Ryan was less than thrilled about a picture!
And sometimes I will drive down to the bus stop and then play taxi to the kids.  Love it when the crazies are all in my car!  Even Sadie made it this time!
A quick transformation from a post-workout selfie to a I-took-a-shower-and-have-makeup-and-real-clothes-on picture!
We took the kids roller skating for the first time!  No broken bones for anyone - I call that a win!
And another comparison - me and my friend Lauren in third grade at our joint birthday party...and then me with Katie that night!
Oktoberfest with friends!  Love this!
And us with Tanja and Nick!
We also went with Katie to a girl scout event to tour the Titans stadium - it was so cool!
The event also included tickets to the game the next day, so we went to the tailgate beforehand!  I love this picture!
We went with Stella and Hank and Jill to find some mums to decorate for fall!  Oh and pumpkins too!
I got to go on Katie's field trip with her - it was a gorgeous day and so fun to spend time with her and some of her classmates!
We had a Halloween party at Cee Cee's house!  The kids had a blast!
We celebrated Cat and Tyler's birthdays at their house one night - so fun to sit around a bonfire and hang out!
And my three crazies playing in the backyard one day!  Love them!
And we went to a Preds game (that unfortunately did not have any good fights or a win) - but the company was good!
Katie had a sleepover with a grandparent, so I attempted a couple pictures with the boys...Ryan was not a fan!
Some of the soccer girls after our last game of the season!
And Katie's soccer season was over too - here is her team at the team dinner!
And I got a picture of her and Coach Ted together too - such a great coach!
Love these crazy guys - cute picture of them!  I think this was the day I took them to the zoo!
Brad and I had a date to begin my birthday celebrations!  We saw Spectre and ate fun!
Sweet brothers. 
And a straight out of the tub, clean guy selfie!
Cute kiddos!  They actually sort of coordinated!
Katie and Hannah Jo at their Thanksgiving lunch at school - which also happened to be on my birthday!
And a family shot!  The boys were at school - yay!
Some of Katie's fashion choices of the week - I'm so glad she likes Matilda Jane as much as I do!
And brother pics of the week - pretty impressive!  They are less than cooperative these days!
And a night out with some friends to celebrate my birthday!  We hadn't been to the Melting Pot in years - so good, but SO rich! 
I even got to blow out a candle!
The next day we went on a walk in the neighborhood!  This late fall/winter has been so mild so far - I hope we get at least one good snow to play in this winter!
Brad took off the week of Thanksgiving and I actually got him to go to a workout class with me!  This was after kickboxing - he actually went to one other class with me the day after Thanksgiving!  Clearly he did No Shave November :)
And Katie perfected the art of riding a bike with no training wheels the day before Thanksgiving!  We were all so proud!
We celebrated Sadie's birthday with a present for her and lots of snuggles and play!
We went to breakfast at IHOP - and these three cooperated for a picture!
And I even got one of me with the wee one!
After breakfast, we hit up Target to shop for our Angel Tree kiddos! We try to get a child that is the same gender and age as our kids so they can help shop for someone they have something in common with.  Love this tradition (even though each year I swear we aren't taking the kids with us the next year, yet clearly we do)!
We sported some Tennessee gear!
And we sported some Auburn gear! 
Katie and I had a Mommy Date - it had been a long time!
We also went to the Titans tailgate again - they had a bunch of the Star Wars crew there!  The kids thought that was hilarious!
Ryan had tubes put in a few weeks ago!  He had his follow up yesterday and they look great!  Though he already had an ear infection despite having tubes...but all the goo is draining out.  Yuck!  But at least it isn't stuck behind his ear drum like before!
Love this outfit on Miss Priss...she actually picked it out!
And the boys had a blast sporting their Christmas gear this season!
They also got some Christmas jammies from Alvin (our elf) - here they are before bedtime one night!
I got to help at Katie's class holiday party!  Love her!
Katie is playing basketball for the first time - love this action shot I got of her doing a jumpball at her most recent game!  She also made her first basket, had another shot, played awesome defense, and had a rebound!  I think she likes basketball a little more than soccer - and she's just starting out!  Can't wait to see what she's like at the end of the season!
I love when all three kids have a toy that entertains them all!  And it never fails - it seems to always be a baby toy! Ha!  They love playing with this toy that Santa brought Ryan!
Ryan goes through the toys - whew!  He did all of these different activities in less than 10 minutes!  Blocks, bopping Bozo, hide and seek, and playing with his basketball toy!
A couple nights ago, we surprised the kids and had a fun afternoon and evening that consisted of playing at Monkey Joe's, dinner at Outback, and ice cream at Sweet Cece's!  And we had coupons for all!  I call that a win!
And I finally organized my 2016 calendar last night - bring it on!  I am aiming to have a little more white space on my calendar so we can enjoy time together at home.  It is so easy for things to get hectic - especially with the three ring circus - but I want to make sure that we also have down time to enjoy each other!