Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Fun: Fair Time

Monday night, after we all had quiet time, we headed to a little fair in the area.  Katie had been asking to go since she first saw it - you could see the ferris wheel from the interstate! She got so excited when I told her we were going to go - and with Stella too!  Katie had only been on rides once and this was a first for Stella, so we were really interested to see how it would go!

Needless to say, it was a success!  The girls loved the kid rides - and it was good that they could ride together on most of them.  The elephants was the first ride that they did - they loved it!
And Katie was enamored by the ferris wheel.  Unfortunately, she wasn't tall enough to ride - even with an adult.  You have to be 42 inches tall to say she was disappointed is an understatement!  She is still asking why she couldn't ride and the follows up asking when she will be able to!
Of course the girls loved the carousel too - Katie said it was just like the one at the zoo!
And this was about as cooperative of a picture I could get.  She was having too much fun and was pretty tired too.  This was just after she and Jill went on a kid roller coaster.  It appears I have a daredevil on my hands...she absolutely loved it!  When they would go down the inclines, the expression on her face was just priceless!  I think it was definitely her favorite.  And I'm so glad we went with them - I couldn't really go on any of the rides because of the growing belly, so it was great that there were other adults to take Katie on the ones she needed company on!
Look how sweet...I just love this!  Holding hands while trying to find the next ride!
I think this was the ride with spinning bears...they didn't ride on it, but clearly Katie was curious!
They also rode on the bulldozer looking things - I think they were trying to figure what on earth was going on in this picture!
And Baby Hank was awake the whole time just looking around!  There was definitely a lot to look at with all of the bright lights.  And he kept be company when the others were on rides :)
These girls LOVE to dance.  We were walking to the next ride and one of the big rides was playing a fun song - and they loved it!  I think this is just precious!
And they did the great big slide too...and as you can tell, I couldn't do that either.  Katie said she would not do it along, so she rode with Lewis and Stella rode with Jill.  So fun!
And there is a cute family picture! 
And me and Katie - Brad wasn't home from playing golf when we left to get Wendy's and head to the fair, so it was just me and Katie.  He will definitely have to go next time (even though he isn't a big fan of all that stuff)!
What a fun holiday weekend cooking out, pool time, outdoor fun, and a fair with great friends! 


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!  And hooray for a short week due to Memorial Day! Here's what I'm loving today...
I'm LOVING these basket tags.  Of course they wouldn't do a whole lot of good now since they are rather girly, but the etsy shop has boyish ones - or they can match color schemes in nurseries/rooms!  You can find them here!
I'm LOVING this idea - a Chore Card!  When the kiddo does a chore, they get a punch - once all of the numbers are punched, they get a surprise!  Pretty great idea if you ask me.
I'm LOVING that the same etsy store has Stay In Bed Cards - awesome!  If you have ideas about other custom punch cards, there is an option in the etsy shop to have it made.  With all of these, you buy it and have a PDF emailed so you can print on your own or at a local office store.  And they are business card size.  So - possibilities are endless!  Find both of these here!
I'm LOVING this idea I came across for a birthday present - or really any occasion!  It is all of the items needed to make a fizzy sidewalk chalk paint kit!  Here is where I found it - including supplies needed and some printables!
I'm LOVING that Carmike Cinemas also have a Summer Series for kids!  Last week, I posted about Regal Cinemas Summer movies, so I thought I'd include the information for Carmike this week.  You can find the movie schedule, as well as which theaters are participating, here!
I'm LOVING this quote I found on Pinterest (I think).  I love the simplicity, colors, and of course the quote!
I'm LOVING my friends!  This past Sunday, we headed to the neighborhood pool and then came back to our house and grilled burgers and hot dogs!  We were talking about how the three of us met almost 10 years ago - and now our little girls are playing together.  Unbelievable!!  I met the two of them at Auburn - Katherine (on the right) was my roommate freshman year...and Ashley (on the left) was one of my roommates my sophomore and junior years!  We were talking about how Katie, Avery (Ashley's little girl who is 15 months old), and Olivia (who is 4 months old) are going to be good friends - and probably get into some trouble together...just like we did :)
What are you loving today?? Link up {here}!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Fun: Slip & Slide

What a fun holiday weekend we had!  We got to spend some fun time with friends and played outside a lot! Around the middle of the day on Memorial Day, we headed next door and Katie and Stella played in a water toy - and then we decided it was time to get the slip and slide out (thanks, Nanny & Papa!!) was a hit for sure!  We put it on a slight hill since it was the girls' first time - I think they have graduated to a steeper hill next time (with adult supervision of course).  We started the fun with a flavored ice tube (what are those things called, anyways??) and then the girls ran around and had a blast!  They had a picnic on the front porch - pizza, blueberries, and sunchips - and then headed back out for more fun!

Here is Katie ready for some water fun!
 Lewis helped the girls get a little momentum - they loved it when he gave them a push!
 But they also had fun scooting their way down!
 And then it was time to dry off and head inside to get cleaned up and take a rest.  They were hilarious sitting here - such funny girls!  I asked them to say say "Mickey" so they'd smile for the camera - well then Katie busted out all the names of the folks (Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, etc) and Stella would copy her and then they just giggled and giggled.  So cute.
Stay tuned for the Part Two of our fun - let's just say that the girls had a blast!  Hope you had a great weekend!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Overnight Babymoon

As I mentioned before, Katie went to Camp Grandma on Friday at around 1:00 and we got the whole afternoon, night and most of the day Saturday together!  We didn't pick Katie up until almost 5:00 on Saturday evening - 28 hours!!  It was so nice to get to spend time together just the two of us.  As much I missed my little lady, it was so great to be able to do the things we wanted - including sleeping in on Saturday morning!!

After we dropped Katie off, we headed home and relaxed for a little bit before heading to our couples' massage.  It was so relaxing and really helped my back!  Then we headed home to get ready for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants - Red Pony.  Oh man ... that jalapeno cornbread with lima bean hummus doesn't get much better.  And the shrimp and grits.  And I had a glass of wine that was the best wine I think I've ever had.  YUM!
Good GRACIOUS my belly looks absolutely enormous in a dress.
After dinner, Brad gave in and agreed to see What To Expect When You're Expecting with me.  What a guy! I know he was none too thrilled about that option, but he agreed to go.  We want to see The Hunger Games, but Brad is about to start reading the series and I wanted him to read the book before we see it.  It was a late movie - it didn't start until 9:35!  By then I'm usually in bed winding down for the night.  We didn't get home until just after midnight and then I had a bowl of Lucky Charms before hitting the hay.  And I was afraid I wouldn't be able to sleep in since I am up to go to the bathroom so much and often have trouble going back to sleep.  But I'm happy to report that I did  sleep in!!  I didn't wake up for good until 9:50 - it was glorious!!  And then we got ready and headed to brunch at IHOP - I did offer to Brad that he could decide, and he knows IHOP is my favorite.  Such a nice guy.  After we ate, Brad got a haircut and I went to get some new makeup.  Then it was time to head home for a nap!  Gosh, I felt like a new woman when we went to get Katie.  I got to sleep in AND take a nap in one day!!  It was great to get our sweet girl, but it was so nice to get a bit of a break - and of course spend time as a couple!  

And of course for comparison's sake, here is the picture of us doing an overnight babymoon before having Katie.  We did similar things - couples' massage, dinner, movie, etc, but we stayed at a hotel.  This time we stayed at home - I couldn't imagine being able to get comfy without all my pillows, and Brad was tired of staying in a hotel after traveling some for work.  Anyways, here is the pic!  How funny would it have been if we were both wearing the same things!  I also was 35 weeks in this picture, and I can tell my belly was smaller than in the pictures above!
And what is a post without a picture of Katie! She clearly had a big time at Grandma's house - she was fast asleep before we even made it to the interstate!  There's still nothing quite like a sleeping child :) So innocent...and quiet!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bump Watch: 36 Weeks

How far along: 36 weeks!
Size of baby: About the size of a crenshaw melon (um, excuse me, but what is that!) - about 6 pounds and 18.5 inches in length!
Total weight gained: I am into the weekly appointments as of Thursday, I had gained 21 pounds.  I'll take it!  And my blood pressure was still in check at 107/78.  And I guess it kind of fits here since it is in regards to a doctor's appointment, but at this last visit, she checked me - I was 1/2 a cm dilated and 50% effaced. Should be interesting to see if anything progresses, though I definitely anticipate that I will just be sticking with my scheduled c-section!
Maternity clothes: Are you kidding me?? Yes!  And even some of those aren't cutting it these days!
Gender: BOY!
Movement: Yes - and my whole belly just waves around when he moves!
What I Miss: Being able to get out of bed without every joint screaming at me in pain...sleeping more than 2 hour stretches (because of getting up to pee)...walking normally....being able to sit with my legs together...
Cravings: None really - just food in general is nice :)
Aversions: Can't think of anything here either. 
Symptoms: Yes - I have all of them.  Heartburn, frequent urination, that "pregnancy waddle," and just discomfort.  Oh and the belly that changes shape all the time with his movement!  Also, I don't have the linea negra (ya know, that brown line that goes down your belly!), at least yet!  I wonder if it because the skin got so stretched with Katie.  Also, I am wondering if my belly button will "pop" is awfully close - I guess we will see!
Best moment of the week: Brad and I had a full 28 hours (but who's counting??) just the two of us (thanks, Grandma!) was pure bliss!  It was so nice to spend time together just the two of us.  And sleep in.  A post coming on that though!  Also, when tucking Katie in last night, she included Baby Jack in her prayers and commented that he will be here in 3 weeks - I wonder if she really understands that?? I like that she knows it will be happening soon!

Here is the progression of pictures of me at 30, 32, 34, and 36 weeks...the belly is definitely getting bigger...which means Jack is too!!  And I tried to wear a shirt I thought I hadn't work recently...oops.  I guess another symptom I have is "pregnancy brain!"  But my belly definitely looks different in the shirt!

 And for comparison's sake, here is me at 36 weeks with Katie vs 36 weeks with Jack.  I feel like I look much better this time around.  Less swollen, healthier, etc!
It's hard to believe I will only have one more belly shot other than the day of delivery!  Baby Jack will be here before we know it - I can't wait to meet him and snuggle him!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fun At Cee Cee's House

I found these pictures on my phone and realized I never did a post!  When Katie goes to play at Cee Cee's (my mom's) house, she always know what she wants to do.  And more times than not, it involves some type of art!  Well this time, she wanted to color on one of the placemats - but she wanted to sit in her "art box" to do it.  And of course that turned into coloring on the box some more.  I think she and Cee Cee have been working on that box for a good 5 months now!  And in these pictures, she has an art smock on that was mine when I was school-aged!  Weird.  But neat.  She loves doing art.  And getting messy.  So this was right up her alley no doubt!  Lately, she has loved building tents with big quilts, doing lace-up cards (and turning them into necklaces too), doing torn paper collages using a gluestick and also using scissors to cut up the edges of the paper, and feeding Elmo applesauce (oops!). Next time, they've already decided that they are going to paint toenails, and Katie wants hers to be pink and purple.  Oh my!  I love that Katie is so creative - can't wait to see what she comes up with over the years!


Friday, May 25, 2012

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I had big plans for all of these flowers around our trees and on the front porch and around the mailbox and in the flower beds.  Okay, get the point.  Lofty plans.  And I'm huge pregnant, so needless to say, that didn't happen!  But I did want some flowers out and looking nice for Katie's birthday party and for the summer, and I do believe I have achieved that!!  These are the flowers you'd see as you walk up the front steps to the front door...
And these are around the mailbox.  I wanted perennials around the mailbox so that (hopefully) I don't have to worry about planting there for a while.  I love all the purple!  There is also the clematis vine that has already bloomed this spring - I think it will all look great together when it blooms at the same time next spring!
 And then we have planters by the garage doors - the ones sprouting out of the middle and then the small pink flowers came back from last year!  I just planted some pansies in the planters with them and I think it looks great!
 Here is an up close of one of the planters...
And I love up close pictures of individual flowers, so here are a few of those...
 I think this one is my favorite...

 When we were outside, the sun was peeking through the leaves on the tree - pretty neat!
 And Brad and Sadie were playing...doesn't Sadie look vicious?? HA!  She loves playing that game!
 And people often say that Katie always looks so cute and put together.  Well, folks, not true.  Here she, at night, still in her jammies from the night before, with cheese dip on her shirt and pants, one pant leg hiked up, and crocs.  Oh dear.  Oh, and the green net.  And unbrushed hair.
Katie loves to help me water the flowers, so that is the saving grace with these flowers.  I am by no means Mrs. Green Thumbs, so it definitely helps that she enjoys doing that.  I usually last about a month and get tired of watering.  But, so far so good!  They've lasted almost a month - hopefully they will last all summer...a girl can hope, right??


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Master Bedroom Makeover

We have been wanting to re-do our master bedroom for a while - our duvet cover was literally falling apart and we were tired of the red scheme.  The window decor was left here from the last owners and it most certainly is not our style.  But it worked with the colors so we kept it up.  We also have a very spacious room, so we decided we wanted something at the foot of our bed to help bring it together.

We figured that having a baby and knowing we'd be spending more time lounging meant that it'd be a good time to take on this project!

Here is a before picture of our bedroom.  This is as you walk in the door and look towards your right.
And this was standing in the opposite corner looking back towards the door (obviously).
It sure is amazing what a new bedding set can do for a room!  We decided we likes green and ended up going with a comforter set from Target (we scoured the Internet but couldn't find something we loved - and I happened to see this one day!).  We also bought a couch for the end of our bed, reupholstered a rocking chair that was my great, great grandparents (I think), and got new window treatments!  I took these pictures a couple of nights ago after we got things set, so the lighting is a little off.  I will try to take some pictures during the daytime (maybe today!) to be able to see the real pictures.  Again, this is from the doorway into our room...
And here is another angle looking towards the other corner!  I love the way it looks with the couch at the end of the bed.  And I bought a few new decorative accents for the dresser (frame, vase, candles) to help bring it together.
Sadie definitely approves too.  Except once we were in bed winding down on Tuesday night, she fell off the bed!! We also got a new mattress/box springs (hooray! I had wanted a new mattress for at least 2 years since ours had huge divots where we slept in the same place every night.  And yes, we rotated it - we can't flip it because it is pillowtop!)  She was laying all stretched out and went to roll over and rolled right off the bed.  It was hilarious.  Maybe you had to be there...
And Katie and all of her bed buddies definitely approve.  She loved sitting on the couch yesterday morning to watch a show after she came in our room.  And she brought all her bed buddies in and they watched too!
Now, the only problem is that doing all of these new things makes us want to change other things.  Like we want an area rug in front of the couch.  And I want different artwork on either side of the window by our bed.  I am thinking maybe a black and white canvas/picture of each of the kids on either side of the window - eventually.  And then we have a sitting area off the room too - we want to have a window seat built there and maybe have it connect to built in bookcases or something.  I don't know - it's on our "house want list" though!

I have a few other pillows that a friend is making to add to the bed (in the same material as the rocking chair) and want to get a few more decorative accents, so stay tuned for a better picture sometime soon!!