Sunday, March 28, 2010

Heart Smiles

What a great day - we got up this morning and went to church. This is actually quite the accomplishment - the last time we were in church was for Katie's dedication in early November. I know it is awful that we have not gone, but I just hate waking her up (and she typically sleeps in on the weekends). If we go to late service, it gets in the way of her morning nap. Also, Brad is studying for the CPA right now and he typically does it late at night (which means he also likes to sleep in on the weekends, if possible). I know those may just seem like excuses, but at least we are trying to do better.

Anyway, this morning, we got up and went to church at 9:30. Our church has started a "South Campus" which is approximately 6 or 7 minutes from our house. This works out wonderfully because we can get back home for Katie's morning nap at 11! This morning was actually the first service in the new space - how cool that we got to be a part of that! We kept Katie in the service with us (we had decided that we wouldn't put her in a nursery at church, the gym, etc until she is one) and she did great! One hour is definitely her limit, but she did wonderfully. And what an amazing, special feeling to be sitting there as a family in church. Kind of surreal. When we stood to sing the hymns, I held Katie. Anytime the songs were slightly fast, she would dance in my arms. Oh how I have thought about the day I would have my family in church - kids and all. And she loved the music (my favorite part as well)! I had to just take a few moments and thank God for that time.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Swinging in the Springtime Sun

Now how's that for some alliteration! I am so excited to be able to play with Katie OUTSIDE!! She loves being outside (and an added bonus is that she sleeps even better after having some fresh air!) and it gets us out of the house. Recently, we met our friends at the park and got to play some. Katie played on a see-saw kind of thing and loved it. She got to sit in the mulch and play with it...which really meant that she tried to eat it to figure it out :) And she also got to swing in a "big girl swing" for the first you can see, she absolutely loved it. Every time she would swing up towards me, she squealed and giggled with delight. I love seeing her so happy! And I can't wait to be outdoors more over the next few months!

Katie, me, & Kara...Kara and I have been the bestest of friends for almost TWENTY!!

"Mom, what IS this stuff??"

Had to post this one even though Katie doesn't look too thrilled in it...I still like it!

LOVE this one!! A look of pure joy...

And I love how her hair is flying in the wind in this one...

You can see her 2 little teeth on the bottom! There is another one working its way in on the bottom, and another about to cut through..on the bottom! That means she will have 4 teeth on the bottom and none on the top!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

In Need of Craft Time

I recently organized all my ribbon and just seeing it made me want to drop everything and do something crafty - something...anything. I have all these ideas bouncing in my brain but no time to execute them. I need to do some scrapbooking. And the big project I want to try is making a bow/hair clip holder for Baby K. I have a frame. I have ribbon. I have spray paint. I have cute paper. Now, time to find the time to actually make it! For now, I guess just looking at my ribbon will have to do.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Playing at Cee Cee's House

A few weeks ago, we went and hung out at Cee Cee's house for a morning. I am so glad that K wore her Elmo shirt - it barely fit her!! I'd definitely say that shirt ran a bit small - it fit her like spandex! But isn't it oh so cute?? She loved the fact that everytime she looked down, she saw her favorite, furry friend (other than Sadie of course). Here are a few pictures of the day...she is quite active now - no more laying there with one toy and being content!

I absolutely love this picture. It shows her happy disposition.

This expression cracks me up! It's as if she is saying "OK, Mom, ENOUGH pictures!"

Going to discover what's in this room over here

The latest "Cheerio face" - and she found the fridge!

Action shot - she is always on the move these days!

Friday, March 12, 2010

What's New Today?

Well this morning we walked in to get Baby K up and she has discovered the fact that she can pull up in her crib! She had just pulled up onto her knees - I think being in the sleep sack makes it more difficult to stand all the way up. She also imitated when I said "uh oh" after she dropped something. She goes to the door and says "out". I just love this stage and all the new discoveries and experiences each day holds! Here are some pictures from fairly recently. I know I am biased, but isn't she just adorable?!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It Finally Happened...

I wondered when it would happen. I know it was just a matter of time. Well, today is the big day. That's right...just a few minutes ago, Katie crawled to the back door and I swear she said "out" when she was at that door - and she went to the front door in her walker earlier this morning and said "out" then too!....anyway, I digress....Katie crawled to the door to the deck and got a little sidetracked. She saw this neat thing sitting nearby that was the perfect height to pull up onto. So she did. And what did she find?? Sadie's food and water bowls!

Poor dog - guess we will have to move that now...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Getting the PBK Look for Less

So this is what I was wanting from PBK. We got Katie's stocking there and it is so cute. But I was having a hard time knowing we would be spending more than $50 on an Easter basket.
Lucky for me, the next day I was out shopping for other things and came across a cute basket at Michael's for $15. I had a 40% off coupon also, which brought it down to $9. The next step was the $5 personalization thanks to Leigh at Sew For You Embroidery. And so, for $14 instead of $54, I got this. And I love it! And I hope Katie will love it for many years to come. We can't wait to dye eggs and see if the Easter Bunny comes!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fabulous February

As promised, here is the update from the month of February. Now I remember why I usually post more frequently...this is a lot of pictures!! Anyways, I'm glad to have caught up with last month - now only about a week into March. And I have other posts I want to do. we go...
"Who IS that cute baby???"

I went to a Predators game with Tanja

Celebrating Will's birthday - he wouldn't keep his eyes open, so this will have to do!

Baby K celebrating Uncle Will's birthday

Looking cute

I went to Sips n Strokes and this was my painting! So much fun!

She's got boots with the fur!

Looking so big and grown up

Yes, that is Fergie. Yes, I went to the Black Eyed Peas concert...SO much fun!!

Baby K's Valentine's goodies

Having fun with her new stuff!

Mine & Brad's Valentine's feast (Prosciutto & Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken, Asparagus, Pasta, my favorite wine, and a cake I made!)

We got dressed up for the occasion :)

She looks so big standing there!

Looking oh-so-cute and actually being still for a split second

She started trying to sit forward when she was in her swing - and she learned how to grab the bar and stop it. Needless to say, we are returning it to its owner.

Love this outfit - and she looks so big again! I'm still getting used to the standing up thing.

Her "Sporty Spice" look...

"Mom, come on. This cup is as big as I am!!"

Love this one...once again, I'm amazed she sat still and smiled and I was able to capture it :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Whirlwind of Activity

Every day brings new experiences. Especially when you are 10 months old. It seems like just this past week Baby K has just blossomed. She has new words, new funny faces, new is just amazing! She is now EVERYWHERE!! She is speed crawling and getting into everything. She is pulling up on her play table and on the couch. She is also starting to cruise around - very cautiously. She sometimes makes what I call the "cheerio face" when she gets excited (she makes her mouth a tiny "o"). She loves to do call-and-response with yelling and with making a "ppffffftttt" sound. Her vocabulary now consists of these words: Mama, Dada, up, book, dog, bug, bye-bye (accompanied by waving her hands - adorable). She loves it when I sing the "ABCs". We are also working on blowing kisses - I think she understands what to do but is just not consistent yet.

Since she was teensy tinsy, we would hold her and dance around to a song/beat we made up. She has loved it ever since the very first time. Now, when she is on the floor, if we sing the song, she will dance by herself. I love it. She is so happy and so curious.

We have also, just the past couple of days, started giving her just three bottles a day of 8 or 9 ounces. She seems to be doing fine with that change as she is still eating three meals and sleeping wonderfully.

I can hardly believe that I am about to begin planning her first birthday party. Can it be possible?? Wow...I love her so much and am so blessed to be her mommy. Stay tunes for a big February Post - I have lots of pictures that will accompany that one!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

10 Months Already!

Well, it is official - we have a 10 month old baby girl. Since it is not Leap Year, we did not have a February 29 to mark her official "10 month birthday". So since it is March 2, I feel safe to say 10 months now. She is continuing to learn, grow, and explore. She has perfected her crawling technique - she now gets up on all fours and takes off! Her noises make me smile (yes, even the crying...most of the time). Her facial expressions make me laugh. I love her so much. She is the most perfect, kissable spot on her face that I kiss every night before she goes to sleep - between her eyes on the bridge of her nose. Cutie Pie has not met a food she doesn't like. She would eat all day if someone would continue feeding her or putting items on her tray to pick up. She continues to look around and take it all in. She is nosy. She always wants to know what other people are talking about. Wonder where she gets that from??? :) Here is where Baby K stands now:

Diapers: Size 3
Clothes: Just moved into 12 month size (yay for a new wardrobe!)
Food: As I mentioned previously, she loves eating! The three meals a day are treating her well - she recently tried pimiento cheese, refried beans, Mexican rice, pound cake, twice baked potato, cottage cheese....she loves it all! She is still doing 4 bottles a day of anywhere from 5 - 7 ounces each.
Talking: She sounds like she is really trying to have a conversation sometimes. She sometimes talks with her hands too! One exciting item - she says "Momma" now!! She also says "dah" which I swear is her way of saying "dog". She also says "buh" which means "book". She says both of those words at just the right time! She also says the "ra" sound a lot these days. I have noticed when I work with her to say a sound, she really tries to mimic my word. So fun!
Crawling: Just the past week or so, Baby K has perfect the crawl and is quite mobile now! She knows she can get around. Sometimes, mid-crawl, she will stop and look back like "WOW! I crawled a long way!" I love that.
Pulling Up: She is doing it - she will pull herself up on me all the way to standing. She tries to pull herself up on the ottoman or the coffee table and is a little hesitant still. She knows I won't let her hurt herself but is a little weary of other objects (which I am a-okay with!).
Walking: When in the walker, she backs up like a pro - almost like running backwards. When it comes to going forward, she sometimes jumps (using both feet) and other times alternates feet. If you hold her hand (or she holds your finger) she will take about 10 steps and stop for a little while. She is going to be up and at 'em before we know it!
Sleeping: Still sleeping like a champ - about 12 hours a night. Mommy likes this...a lot. :)
Teeth: Those 2 teeth on the bottom are SHARP! And on the bottom left (next to the bottom left tooth) another has cut through - so she has three teeth!
Other: My favorite these days is that she will say "bye bye" and wave. Usually she waves at herself when she says it. And her voice is so delicate and dainty when she says it!! Also, in the car, we will have yelling contests :) She will squeal or yell and I will do it back - we go back and forth for probably 2 minutes that way. Also, she is almost too big for her carrier! Looks like the transition to the big girl carseat will be soon!

I will be posting some pictures soon - I just uploaded 400 pictures that I took in February, so looks like a "February Update" post will soon follow!