Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Welcome back, folks! Yay for Wednesday! And HAPPY LEAP DAY!!  Here is what I'm loving today...
I'm LOVING Skin Food by Cocochi!  Katie wipes down when she wipes her nose (or across her cheek if it is with her sleeve) and it gets REALLY red and yucky.  Enter Skin Food.  After using it on the rough areas for one day, it was SO much better!! My neighbor told me about it - we got it at Whole Foods (I think it cost $7.99 - totally worth it if it means a more comfy nose)!  I'm thinking we all may need one - it looks like a giant chapstick...and the container is recyclable!
 This was before music class last week - her poor, poor nose (and upper lip)! It is so much better thanks to Skin Food!
I'm LOVING the free address labels I got from Shutterfly - aren't they so fun?! And bright colors and dots - totally something I'd order! (And no, that is not our last name...or our address - I will stick with TN over CA any day!)
I'm LOVING our sweet fur baby - I took this pic while I was laying on the couch last week...look at that happy face!
I'm LOVING that Katie, Brad, and Sadie play "the chase game" every night - this is where Sadie ended up one night recently.  Brad and Katie run around and Sadie tries to catch them.  Apparently she thought the kitchen table was a faster route to get to them!
I'm LOVING Katie's drawing of Mickey Mouse!  See the big ears? And eyes and nose and mouth? Love it. And she was so proud of it!
I'm LOVING that I found Salon Selectives at my Walgreens!  Remember this stuff?? Takes me back to the good old days.  And it was only $3 per huge bottle!  Gosh - I love the smell, and it hasn't changed a bit!
I'm LOVING that Katie has started tracing letters!  She did this big and little 'k' all by herself!
Wanna link up? If so, jump on over {here}! Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Little of This & That

First I have to say that this weather has been fabulous.  Nothing like mid to upper 60s and sunshine!  On Sunday, we went to church, headed home for lunch, went to play and walk at the park, and came home for family nap time.  It was simply amazing.  For dinner, we headed to our friends' house to visit and eat the delicious food they made - Tyler cooked a bunch of meat in the smoker and it was SO good!  We had mashed potatoes and green beans with it and apple pie with ice cream for dessert.  I wanted it again for dinner last night!

Katie before church
Katie and Brad at the park!
 Katie thought Cat and Tyler's dog door was for her - she loved it!
 She also likes playing with their she is all stretched out on their bed watching their iPad - so funny!
 Yesterday, Katie had a dentist appointment - she did great! And they said her teeth were perfect - music to this momma's ears!  After I did some work, we ate some lunch and had quiet time.  Then it was time to go to the park again! LOVE this weather!

Katie at the dentist - I think she really loves it because they have TVs on the ceiling!  And she likes getting something out of the toy chest when she acts nice!
 Playing at the park!  I just love watching her interact with other kids and make new friends to run around with.  There was a little girl that she played with and was sad to leave her!


Monday, February 27, 2012

Matchy-Matchy Photoshoot!

When I hosted the Little Honeybees trunk show late last summer, my neighbor and I both ordered the same outfit for our little ladies.  We knew right away that a photo shoot would happen at some point, and it finally did this past weekend!  It was sunny, but pretty windy, which  made it a little chilly, so we decided no to the park idea and opted to do it at their house.  It is a good thing I emptied my memory card before going over there - I took a bunch!  Here are some of the keepers from my camera - such cute, sweet girls!

 And they looked a little wind-blown once we got inside for a few pictures, but they still turned out cute!

So that I didn't have to post them all separate, I decided to just make a little collage of some of them of just Katie - pretty darn cute!
Jill had some great ones on her camera too, and I wanted to post a couple of the ones she sent me too!  I think the one of them looking at the cameras is precious, but I think that second one is just adorable - something must have been really funny!  Maybe that was when I hid in the bushes and jumped out to try to make them smile!  Good thing no one was taking pictures of the mommas trying to get them to smile! HA!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Final Decision

We finally came to a final decision....and here it is, folks!
The theme of baby boy's nursery! 

I also found this collection of prints on etsy - do you think it matches??
I think the walls will be blue (likely a lighter shade of blue).  And then maybe a red bookcase - like this one I posted about the other day!
Either this bookcase or possibly one that used to be mine (from my mom's house) that is dark red and black/brown.  Either way, I'm getting super excited to see it all come together!


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Party Inspiration

Holy moly.  I've found it.  Exactly what I was looking for.  Katie has made it very clear that she wants a Mickey party.  Not Mickey and Minnie.  Not Disney.  Just Mickey.  I have been finding ideas on Pinterest (naturally).  And then I found it.  On Facebook.  The folks over at Oopsey Daisy had a birthday party for their little boy - and it is everything I was hoping to do for Katie's party!  Wanna see her blog post about it?  If so, jump over {here}!  I love the subway art, the games, the big Mickey polka dot backdrop, the goody! PERFECTION!  I even commented on it asking if I could just buy the things from her :) ha!  Or if I could pay her to email me the printable templates.  Oh my - I hope I can create a party as cute as that one! Let the planning and creating begin!  

Here are some of the pics and inspiration that were my favorite...


Friday, February 24, 2012


Gosh I am so glad it is FRIIIIIDAY!  And better yet, it is the end of Brad's busy season at work!  I need to find a way to create a tgfteobs or tgbio (that translates to thank goodness for the end of busy season or thank goodness busy season is over)!! He has been working at least 50 hour weeks since September - and more like 60-65 hour weeks the last few weeks.  To say I've had enough of it is an understatement.  I know he gets way tired of the long hours, but this pregnant momma is WAY over it.  Especially since Katie isn't napping!  I'm so glad I won't have to hear the tapping of the keyboard as I fall asleep (if he is working in our room), or go to sleep by myself every night (if he is working downstairs).  Katie also really misses her Daddy - the other night she told Brad she wanted Mommy AND Daddy to be home together with her.  She can most definitely tell that even if he is home, work is on his mind, or he is working.  No fun.  

I do realize that Brad is blessed to have a wonderful job - and we are most definitely more than thankful for that.  But those long hours definitely take a toll on a family week after week.  And we are happy to have him back! :)  Now, let the long-weekend-beach-vacation-as-a-family-of-three trip planning begin! 

I think Brad is taking the day off today since he has worked so much already this week - that couldn't make this momma and this sweet girl happier!  Yay for family time!  Even if we stay in our jammies all day!

I think we may try to go to the zoo this weekend.  And Katie and Stella (our neighbor that is 7 months younger than Katie) have a matching outfit that we both ordered from Little Honeybees, so I think while the outfits still fit them, we are going to go to the park in the morning and let me try to get some good pics of them together in the matching sets!  Should be an adventure!

Looking forward to an amazing, not-much-planned weekend - because we will be together!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Online Window Shopping

I was doing some online browsing the other day and came across some things that I am definitely adding to my mental wish list!  Here they are ...

Pottery Barn Kids Bookcase (in navy or red probably)
I love that it is compact! There is also a shorter, wider version with only 3 shelves that is an option too!
The Original Toycase bookcase
I love that it has shelves for books and then places for toys too! And it can be fully customizable!  Find them on Facebook!
Big Sis and Lil Bro shirts
These are from My Little Legacies 
I love these tanks! 
These are also from My Little Legacies!  And they can be made to match most Matilda Jane collections (or probably any shorts/skirt/pants)!
Caterpillar set
I love the dots, of COURSE - and the font and caterpillar are adorable too!  This is by SheShe Made!
I absolutely LOVE this baby boy gown - obviously using the name we've picked out...
Aren't these colors fun?!  Also a SheShe Made find!
I think this could totally match the baby boy gown - for Katie though!
Yep, another SheShe Made creation!
This brother/sister set with the monogram and name - adorable, right?!
And yes, it is also a SheShe Made find.  I think I must really like their things!
LOVE this striped hat for a newborn baby boy - isn't it cute??
I found this on Maddie Lou Beanies and think I might have to have it...
And I found a little something I've wanted for a while too - the "Happy Everything" plate that you can change the attachment on depending on the holiday or celebration!

*Unfortunately, I was not asked to post about any of these companies.  It would, however, be awesome if they wanted to send me any of these things to "test" and feature on my blog.  A girl can wish, right?!