Friday, May 31, 2013

Personalized + For Sale!

Here are a few things I have for sale - I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner for SUYL series!  I have some boys/Jack items and some girls/Katie/K/kCe items!  I have numbers items to make it easier.  If you are interested in purchasing anything, just comment with the item numbers and your paypal email address.  I will invoice within 24 hours!  Thank you!

#1: Jack infant gown size 0-3 months - $7 shipped
#2: Set of size 6 month "Jack" onesies - $6 each or $15 for set
#3: Size 12 month fall Jack outfit - $13 shipped - worn two times!
#4: Zuccini 6 month smocked Santa outfit - $22 shipped
#5: Zuccini smocked Christmas tree longall - 6 month - *WORN ONCE!!* - $32 shipped (retail was $70+)
#6: Mudpie Monkey Longall - 9-12 month - $20 shipped (because it is a cord material and a little heavier - runs more like a 6-9 month)
#7: Coco Bonbons 9 month - includes turtleneck and longall! SO cute on! $16 shipped (because it is a little heavier)
#8: Boutique outfit size 9 month with monogram kCe - $14 shipped
#9: Cutie Clothesline Originals size 2 outfit - very lightweight cord - monogram kCe - $17 shipped (perfect outfit to put applique over this monogram!)
#10: Cherokee 2T shirt with applique dog and kCe monogram - $6 shipped
#11: Monag brown shirt size 2 with pink kCe monogram - $7 shipped (*would be a good shirt to applique over the monogram!)
#12: Cherokee long sleeve 3T shirt with applique "k" and coordinating size 3 corduroy pants - $17 shipped
#13: Shrimp & Grits 4T smocked elephant dress (corduroy dress) - worn ONCE to church! $30 shipped
#14: Shrimp & Grits 4T/5T - $25 shipped for set (there is a teeny, barely noticeable spot just to the left of the teapot)
#15: Shrimp & Grits 4T-5T top and 4T pants ... top does have one purplish dot about an inch above the elephant - $25 shipped for set
#16: NWOT 5T Garanimals "Katie" shirt $7 shipped

#17: SheSheMade jonjon with applique sailboat and "J" - size 12 months - no snaps in crotch - $9 shipped


Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Night At The Fair...

Last Thursday night (wow, how can that already be a week ago!?) we headed to a little carnival that comes to town around Memorial Day!  We went with the neighbors last year and the girls had a blast! The first time Katie saw the ferris wheel from the interstate, she asked if she could go with Stella :) And then she asked if she would be tall enough enough to ride the ferris wheel this year since she had grown - ha!  Also different?  Jack was out of my belly! :) When we went last year, Hank was just about 4 or 5 weeks old and Jack was still cooking!  Oh how things change in a year!

Here are the kids before we headed out - love this picture of them!
My sweet girl - she just couldn't be still for a picture - she was ready to go!
And the wild man :)
Katie and Stella on their first ride of the evening!
And an action shot - this ride whipped them around the corners and they LOVED it!
Anytime we were between rides, they held hands while they walked around.
Miss Priss on the carousel!
And we did it!  Katie was tall enough for the ferris wheel!  And she loved it :)
We went with Jill and Stella - it was so fun to see the girls' faces as we went up!
And the little brothers - they had fun looking around and watching their big sisters!
I guess we can call this a tradition now that we have done it two years in a row, right? :) And I'm so glad we went when we did - it was cool and not crowded....perfection!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More Wedding Festivities + The Big Day

What a fun weekend we had!  It was so nice to get to spend time with friends and family, go to the pool, and relax!  We had some friends in town and had a blast with them!  I'll catch up on the rest of the weekend festivities tomorrow, but for now, this was another big event of the weekend - Tanja's wedding!  There was a luncheon last Thursday to celebrate the upcoming wedding and Katie and I went to that.  Katie was so excited to go to another big girl lunch :)  She did so great!  She acted sweet (thank goodness) and was treated like a princess!  The hostess of the shower arranged for Katie to have a special plate of chicken fingers and french fries, she had grape juice to drink, and she got some fairy wings to wear after we ate!  So sweet!  Here are a few pictures from the luncheon...

Me and Katie with Tanja
 The beautiful setting - we sat out on a covered porch that overlooked the golf course and the weather couldn't have been more perfect!
 The future Mrs!
 Tanja, Katie, and the fairy wings :)
 Tanja and me! Love this picture :)
 And there was some excitement (to say the least)...a fire truck and ambulance had to come because Tanja's grandmother got sick.  She ended up being okay - just dehydrated - but she sure gave us a scare!  Katie thought the fire truck was pretty amazing!  And they were so sweet to let her sit in the driver's seat!
 Friday night there was a dinner at Tanja's parents house.  They didn't do a rehearsal, but this would be similar to a rehearsal dinner.  They also were officially married on Friday (the church ceremony), so it was also to celebrate that occasion!  It was so nice!  Katie and I went to that (Brad and Jack stayed home to be here when our friends got here!) and had a blast - Katie wasn't shy one ounce...she was running around and talking to everybody!  It was really cute.  Here are some pictures from the evening...

Katie and Tanja
 Katie and me!
 And, of course, the three of us!
 Saturday was the big day!  The kids were invited to the wedding, but we opted to not take them so we could really enjoy ourselves!  We thought it would be special for Katie to see Tanja in her pretty, white dress!  So Katie and I went to the hotel where she was getting ready - and we got there just in time to see her finish her makeup and put her dress on!  Katie was so sad that we were leaving...I think she wanted to stay the rest of the day :)  Thank goodness our friends were at our house...that offered the perfect distraction!  Here are a couple pictures from that (I was in my workout clothes, so I stayed behind the camera)...

Isn't Tanja absolutely stunning??? Such a sweet picture!
 Tanja was leaving for pictures and we headed out then also...Katie wanted to hold her hand as we it!
 And then it was time for us to head home and get ready for the ceremony!  I played outside with the kids for a little while and then headed in to get cleaned up.  I loved the dress I found - I ran into Steinmart last week with the kids and found it!  Perfect!  We wore purple and gray (their wedding colors) and actually coordinated!  Thankfully I found my dress in just enough time to have it hemmed...I had to have 3 inches taken off even with wearing heels!  The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was a blast!

Here we are before heading out!  The best part of the dress? It doesn't have to be dry cleaned :)
 I took this during the it!
 Their first dance!
 Out on the dance floor - we danced literally all night I think!
 And here they are as they made their exit! 
 And then on Sunday morning, there was a brunch for everybody to attend.  I stayed at the hotel room where they had a room block - by myself.  It was magical!  Brad came home to be here with the kids (so our friends didn't have to take care of them so much!) and I slept until 9:30...I don't even remember the last time that happened!  So Brad and Katie came for the brunch (the Dude stayed with our friends) - the food was great and I know Katie was excited to get to be there for another event :)  Here are a few pictures from that!

Katie and Tanja
 The three of us girls!  So cute!
 Daddyo and his little lady!
 Here we are with the newlyweds!
 Me and the hubs :)
 Cutie pie Katie - she was loving all the attention!
 Me with my cutie - love this! 
 And lastly, me and this!
We are so blessed to call them friends!  I really think Katie considers them like an aunt and uncle and I love that!  I'm so excited to watch Tanja and Nick's relationship grow stronger...and for them to have babies! HA! In time...not just yet ;)