Monday, January 26, 2015

One Hundred Days Smarter

Last Friday was the 100th day of school - amazing!  How on earth has it already been that long!  I was looking back at pictures from Katie's first day of Kindergarten and am amazed at how much she has changed since then!  Here she is on the first day...
And then on the 100th day...
Folks, meet Gladys.  That's right.  To celebrate the 100th day of learning, the kindergarteners dressed up like they were 100 years old.  And Katie loved it!  I couldn't believe that she actually kept up with everything (even the clip on earrings) and made it home with the rollers still in!  She also carried a pill organizer (empty, of course) with her - she thought that was pretty fun.
And here is the full body view.... 
Such a fun idea to have them dress up and celebrate!  I'm so proud of everything Katie is doing and learning in school.  And she loves going - even better!  She loves her teacher and her friends and learning and having fun.  And here is more of a normal picture from Saturday - close enough to her 100th day :)  She looks so much grown up to me!


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

So Far This Year...

I am going to try my best this year to keep up with this blog!  I hate getting behind - and I truly enjoy putting these posts together!  With having three kids and getting used to the school routine, things are clearly busy at home.  And I do enjoy sleeping, so going to bed usually trumps doing a blog post.  And it doesn't help that Ryan doesn't take dependable naps when we are at home.  Anyway, here we are almost half way into January and I am already having to do a "catch up" post - ha!  A bunch of posts fell through the cracks last year - in the fall specifically - and I'm going to try to do better!
So far this year, we have had time at home and then it was back to school time, so we had to get back into the routine of early mornings and no PJ days at home.  But we did get to enjoy a few days together with an easy schedule - and definitely some PJ time!  Here is a bit of a recap!
January 1
This is how I started New Year's Day!  I love these snuggles!
And Jack was ready to watch some Auburn football :)  And yes, we did roll the pants up so he didn't fall all over the place!
And Katie has decided that she is going to write a story in her journal every day.  Well, her goal was everyday, but since school started back, she hasn't done it every day.  But close!  I love that she wants to write!
And that afternoon, Ms. Jill (our neighbor - ha) was a brave, brave woman.  She took five kids to a movie.  By herself.  Whew!  Here they are loaded and ready!  I think there may have been some singing of Frozen songs going on!  Love the Christmas lights in there too :)
And Ms. Jen (also a neighbor) packed apple slices and M&Ms for the kids - great distraction!
They all had a great time and Ms. Jill lived to tell about it! :)
While she was gone, I had some snuggle time with this guy!  He actually wanted to snuggle.  With me.  After his nap!  Amazing!  He has definitely been a Daddy's boy lately!
And watch out!  I actually got a needle and thread out on New Years Day and sewed THREE things.  I can't get over it.  Watch out, 2015!
January 2
I actually caught them being still.  And quiet.  And nice.  And studious.  Whoa!
Katie had a slumber party with Cee Cee that night.  So Jack got to decide what show to watch.  And of course he was curled up with Sadie.  And no pants - we are attempting a gradual potty training. Not so successful at this rate.
And a selfie I sent to one of my college roomies!  Feeding Ryan at bedtime :)
January 3
And I survived my first time back at Tae Bo!  I am loving being back in that routine!  There's nothing like loud music and lots of sweat to get you moving!
And then I made homemade mac and cheese - ha!  There's something wrong with a picture of me having worked out followed by homemade m&c!
That evening we had neighbor dinner down the street and I took the m&c!  It was so much fun to let the kids play and the adults visit!  And Jack was pretty well-behaved!  Though he may have been found brushing his teeth with one of their toothbrushes and aquaphor.  And he put sunglasses in the toilet.  And that's all I know about :)
Love all my neighbors!  And love that all the kids enjoy playing together!
January 4
{the only picture I took that day was of a pack of light bulbs that I need to buy replacements for.  not very glamorous.  and I think you could do without that one. and we undecorated the tree that day - so sad to see all that stuff get packed up.}
January 5
I got up for a 5:30 AM class.  And made it!  And survived!  And then saw a beautiful sunrise on the way home!
Last day of Christmas break - look at all those cute faces!
And I was sad that we didn't have any more Christmas décor up, so I got out some Valentine's décor!
January 6
Back to school!  She was so excited to see her buddies and her teacher.  She was less excited to wake up early to make it to the bus stop :)  Oh, and it was flurrying when she got on the bus!
Jack was excited to head back to MDO!  He couldn't wait to get in there and play with toys.
And no nap at school means falling asleep in the car :) Look at that sweet, innocent face.  I could kiss it all day!
And I went to an evening class of Tae Bo!  Yep. Still sweaty :)
January 7
I just love this picture.  It was frigid. But I got to walk Katie down to the bus just the two of us.  And I love hearing what she is excited about for the day or whatever else comes to mind.
And a police office stopped by our house and let Jack sit inside!  He also showed him how the lights and sirens work.  Needless to say, Jack was rather upset when it was time for him to leave. {and yes, everything is fine.  he just had to bring us some papers}
And Katie had a Girl Scout meeting that afternoon!
January 8
It was a cold morning and I was up and finished feeding Ryan a bottle.  What was the logical thing to do? Hop in bed and snuggle with my girl, of course!  Can you tell she just woke up? :)
And another mom of a child in her class send me a hilarious picture of her at lunch, so I sent this one back for her to show Katie :)
And whoa!  We had a night out!  We went to the Predators hockey game!  It was a great game - and they even won!  They usually lose when I am there, so it was nice to see a win!
Our view of the ice.  Not too shabby!
And they have entertainment provided by the house band.  They happened to have special guests that came to perform - Deacon from the show "Nashville" and Vince Gill.  I love my city!
January 9
Jack had his first class at My Gym!  He loved it - he kept talking about his class :)
And we worked some more on potty training.  Whenever I ask him if he needs to go potty, he says, "No.  I'm fine." - but then he will go poop in his diaper.  I guess something will just click and he will decide he is ready?  I hate pushing something (ha ha - pun slightly intended) that he may or may not be ready for.  He definitely knows when he goes...and if we get him to sit down, he will pee pee just about every time.  I know it will come eventually :)  And I look forward to only having one in diapers.
That afternoon Katie trialed a preschool trampoline and tumble class.  She had a great time (but was at least a head taller than the other kiddos in the class)!
January 10
I went to Tae Bo again!  I forgot to take a post-workout selfie, but I was majorly sweaty.  And then after breakfast we all played with toys together!
That afternoon we went to our friend Lila's first birthday party.  I looked up and Katie was reading a book to Avery - love it!
And Lila could have cared less about her cake!  She wasn't feeling 100%, so I think she just wanted us all to get out of her space so she could relax :)
And a kiddo picture!  Lila would have none of it - it was her party and she could cry if she wanted to :)
And a selfie!  With the birthday girl's momma!  Love that Blondie!
After the party, we headed to dinner with Brad's family for his aunt's birthday!  We went to Puckett's and it was fantastic!  We hadn't been in a while - will definitely need to go back soon...especially for brunch!
A Mommy-Katie picture :)
And she was being silly on stage.  Oh dear. :)
Ryan was excited to get out of the baby carrier!  He loves playing with Brad's aunt and uncle :)
And Jack started playing with him -- Ryan got him good!  It's just the beginning....
January 11
Katie and I went out to some of the neighbors' houses to sell some more Girl Scout cookies!  It was cold and wet - but we sold a lot more! 
Think she was excited? :)  She was a girl on a mission!
And once we were back, Jack got up from his nap and we turned on Lego Movie to watch together.  Once again - I caught a sweet moment of snuggles!
My friend Meghan was in town, so Tanja and I met up with her at Starbucks to visit for just a few minutes.  So fun to catch up - just not enough time! :)  Can't wait to see her again!
January 12
Another early morning Tae Bo class in the books!  I slept in my workout clothes the night before so I could sleep an extra few minutes - ha!
And Katie was ready for another day at school - look oh so sporty!
This one slept until almost 9 when I went to wake him up!  He did get up for a bottle around 7 but went right back to sleep!  Growth spurt, perhaps?
The shirt says it all. T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Ha!  And let the fake smiles begin!
Katie went to another trial class - but this one was for ages 6+.  According to the coach, there were a few things that were a little over her head, but she had a great time and was eager to learn, so he suggested sticking with this one.  I'm excited that she has something else she can do that is active - especially indoors during this cold weather!
Some snuggles in Katie's bed before all heading to their own space.  Katie was ready for them to leave - can you tell? HA!
January 13
Another fun day at school!  Her hair was so wavy this morning - and lots of volume!  I wish mine would do that!
Jack climbed into Katie's seat when we got home this afternoon and this is how I found him.  Wearing her sunglasses and coloring.  And I think he would have sat there for an hour doing just that!
And Ryan fell asleep in the highchair while we ate dinner tonight.  Every time I looked over, he was laying a different way!  Poor thing :)  At  least he got a little snooze time in!
And there we have it!  I hope to do a better job about posting!  And I want to do some fun, different posts coming up too (in all that spare time, right? HA!)!  For now?  BED!  I am going to try to get up for an early morning Tae Bo session tomorrow!