Friday, June 26, 2015

Easter 2015

Well, Easter wasn't THAT long ago - HA!  Since then we have had the end of school, all three kids turning a year older, and countless fun moments!  But.  I can't forget it!  So here we go with Easter 2015!
Here are two of the three when we got to church!  We were dropping the boys in their classes...
...and Katie got to go to big church for the first time with us! Thank goodness they had a fun activity sheet and crayons for the kids :)
I love picking out outfits for the kiddos that at least coordinate.  And hooray for spring colors!  Here was Katie on Easter Sunday...
Love that sweet girl!
And the crazy dude!
And baby's first Easter :) 
And one more...I love when you can see teeth just barely showing in pictures!
And a family pic!  Not too shabby with three kids to try and get focused on smiling and looking at the camera!
And even though I almost chopped Katie's head off in this picture, I do love it - sweet kiddos!
After church and a few pictures, we headed inside to see if the Easter Bunny had come (we don't have time to check before church since we go to the early service)!  Look!
Katie was excited to dig into her loot!
And I think the same goes for Jack!
Ryan was a little unsure, but he quickly got the hang of it!  He especially liked the easter grass!
And evidence that he quickly figured it out :)
And we can't forget about Sadie!
And Brad's mom and aunt, uncle, and cousin came over for Easter lunch - this was our spread!  YUM!
Then we went outside to hit the ball - Grandma gave that bat and ball to Jack and hit has been a hit (pun intended)!
She gave Katie a book - Katie got right into it!  I love that she loves to read!
And this was the best picture of Grandma and the kids we could get!
Katie did have a turn at bat - LOVE her determined, fierce expression...with a smile of course :)
We took turns at bat for quite a while! SO fun!  And it was a beautiful day!
Later in the day, Cee Cee and Will came over for some egg hunting and dinner!  The kids were ready!
It took a few minutes, but once Jack figured it out, he was determined to beat Katie to every egg.  A little fierce competition on Easter never hurts does it?
Katie was in the lead here - there MAY have been some tears during the egg hunt!
Meanwhile, Ryan just hung out in the swing.  Sweet boy!
And then I got this quick picture after we got inside!
We ate dinner and visited and then they headed out before we started the bedtime routine.  Here are the big kids sitting outside waiting to wave at Cee Cee!
 We had a super Easter and were so glad we were able to spend time with family! 


Friday, June 19, 2015

Ryan: 12 Months

Yay for some routine!  I feel like we are finally in a good spot with Ryan's sleep.  At night, Ryan sleeps a good 11-12 hours (sometimes longer).  He goes down at around 7:30 and sleeps until around 7 or 7:30 most mornings.  When we worked on naptime, I decided there wasn't a need to work on 2 naps when he would transition to one nap a day soon anyway.  So he takes one good nap after lunchtime...I usually try to get him down around 1:00 and he will sleep about 2 hours most of the time (sometimes less, sometimes more).  I am so, so glad we are at a good spot with this (knock on wood!)
Ryan sure loves his food!  I feel pretty certain that he would eat for as long as someone would sit and put food in front of him!  He absolutely loves milk - thank goodness!  He usually drinks 2-3 sippy cups of milk during the day.  He will also do water in a sippy cup if we are out on a walk or spending extra time outside.  For breakfast, he has been having some mini pancakes.  Lunch has been formula mixed with cereal (until the big Costco container of formula is gone...I swear it is lasting forever!) with a nutrigrain bar or some ham and cheese.  Dinner is usually whatever we are eating plus some baby yogurt or applesauce or something.  If there is food out, he wants to be right in the middle of it all!  And at his party, he did some serious damage to that smash cake!
At his 12 month appointment, he weighed 22 pounds, 9 ounces!
Ryan was 29.75 inches!
Size Clothes
He is in size 18 month clothes!  It is so fun to see him wear some of the same outfits that Jack wore at his age!
Size Diapers
Size 4!
Hair color
It seems like he is going to be a blonde baby too!  He finally has enough hair that it gets messed up and can be brushed around a little bit!
Eye color
Sweet baby blues! Love all the blue eyes around our house!
Looking Like
Of the three kiddos, I think Ryan looks the most like Brad!  And I'd say when people mention it, they all say that he takes after his Daddy for sure.
Little Dude, Rhino, Baby
Favorite toy
He got lots of new, fun toys for his birthday!  I haven't gotten many of them out of their packaging yet, but I know he will love them.  He absolutely loves pulling up on the train table -- and of course wrecking the tracks and throwing the trains on the floor.  Jack is not a fan of that :)  He also loves the weebles and bristle blocks and Duplo blocks.  Ryan loves the big activity cube with little alphabet blocks that he got for Christmas - he actually prefers knocking all the blocks off the top and then tossing them around!  He also has started really liking having a lovey to sleep with...whenever I lay him down I make sure a lovey is close to him and I think he has gotten used to it.  And then he also plays with it when he wakes up!  He hasn't been particular to a certain lovey, but he just likes having one with him.  He also has reached the stage of pulling all the books off the bookcase - he loves to look at books!
The biggest first for Ryan recently was his first birthday!  What a fun celebration we had!

This boy is BUSY! He still has not started walking, but he is an expert crawler.  In fact, we often compare him to a sea turtle!  He is obviously pulling up on anything and everything - and cruising - and getting around however he needs to!  He is also starting to stand up for himself...Jack has started taking his toys from time to time.  Well a couple days ago, I watched as this happened and to my surprise, Ryan headbutted Jack!!! Of course it wasn't hard or anything, but it definitely gave me a sneak peek of what I have to look forward to :)  And oh goodness - once they gang up on Katie, we are in trouble!  Ryan has also figured out that all the cabinets at his level in the kitchen open up, so when he is close to them, we have to basically stand over him and against the cabinets :) -- we have the one with cleaners, etc locked up!  He has taken to toys a bit more, so he doesn't immediately go for the stairs, but I have walked behind him as he climbed the stairs all the way to the top.  When he holds onto our hands, he is getting much better about taking efficient steps -- I feel certain he will be walking oh so soon!
 He is still saying the same noises and words...but his latest is the "nanana" sound.  He tells me "no, no" once I have told him "no"...and he says "hi" and "bye" with quite the southern accent these days!  And even though it isn't words, he is figuring out how to tell us he needs something.  Actually, tonight at dinner, he was so loud!  He has a squawk he makes when he needs his milk.  The pediatrician actually laughed with us and agreed that he makes a sound that sounds like a pterodactyl!  He also says the "bababa" sound a lot!
Anything else?
I think Ryan has learned from Jack - he has always been a sweet boy, but now he has started flirting and charming anyone that will pay attention to him :)  I love watching all of the kids play together (fairly nicely).  Katie is so sweet to Ryan and he just loves it.  And anytime Jack isn't with us, Ryan is constantly glancing over at his carseat - he definitely misses him!