Monday, June 9, 2008

Gas prices & other stuff....

I can hardly believe that gas prices have hit $4/gallon! I know last week it cost me roughly $65 to fill up my car...ridiculous. Today I started riding a VanPool of Vandy employees that are from the Spring Hill/Thompsons Station area. It is amazing the money we will save if I continue with it - for June, it cost me like $3.75 for the whole month. That is THRILLING! The downside to this arrangement is that the van leaves the Krogers at 6:00am sharp. And it does not leave Vandy until 4:15. Talk about a long day. I am reminded today how much an extra hour of sleep is worth. It is 2:00pm and I am drinking coffee to be able to make it the rest of the day. And I won't necessarily ride that EVERY day, like if I have meetings that I have to drive to and everything, but good grief I wish I had looked into this earlier. 64 miles a day roundtrip to work gets rather old! At least I can jump on the van and just zone out until I get dropped off at my office - all I need is a good book and my iPod and I am set!

Sidenote...I have a lot of pictures I plan to post here sometime this week. So be looking for some Europe pics (finally...I know....sorry!), pics from Cat's showers & bachelorette party, and pics from the Gatlinburg weekend for Jonathan and Melinda...crazy fun! Hooray for summer....sunshine and fun times with friends!

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