Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Busy Summer

I was just looking at my planner and realized that this summer is already shaping up to be equally as busy as the ones in the past....between weddings and work and all that, should be exciting...

May 31/June 1: Cat's shower/bachelorette activities
June 7-8: Gatlinburg for Melinda & Jonathan's weekend
June 14-15: I have to work that Sat.
June 21-22: Cat & Tyler's wedding
June 28-29: Couples party for Dallas & Katherine
July 5-6: Travel somewhere for the 4th...maybe?
July 12-13:
July 19-20: I have to work that Sat.
July 26-27:
Aug 2-3: Kara's baby shower is that Sun.
Aug 9-10: Dallas & Katherine's wedding weekend in SC
Aug 16-17: I have to work that Sat
Aug 23-24:
Aug 30-31:

Something else I also need to do is organize my Europe pictures. This is something I had all intentions of doing this past weekend, especially since it was a long weekend, but I just never got around to it. Guess I need to put that at the top of my list of things to do so I don't forget all of the neat places we saw. I also need to make a photo book online - should be thrilling :)

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  1. Yeah Pictures!!! I can't wait. I will have something to look at during work :)