Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Time for an Update & Change!

Well, I decided that the blog looked way too boring, so it was time for a little updating! We have been keeping really busy with work and hanging out with friends. The latest drama is our A/C in our house going out - what a pain. Though home warranties are wonderful, what good do they do if they company they assign you never answers there phone or calls to set up a time? Oh well...we leave tomorrow for Charleston, SC for K & Dallas' wedding - I can hardly wait. I have always wanted to go to SC!!!
This past weekend, I hosted Kara's baby shower at my house. It was oh so fun. She got some unbelievably cute things - onesies, pacifiers, bottles, cute and little! It was also good to see some friends from high school. Here is a picture of the FRA gals and then a picture of me and my mom. We have the hardest time getting a picture together where she actually has her eyes open!!!

Nothing else really new to report. I am getting excited about the end of summer and beginning of season!! There is big group of folks going to Auburn for the UT-Auburn game...I can hardly wait!!! WAR EAGLE! And prior to that, we are renting a houseboat for a weekend with some friends - how thrilling! Should be an adventure for sure...

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  1. It is about time you updated your blog! Let's plan a date to get together next week-- have fun this weekend! MUAH!