Monday, October 20, 2008

Announcing....Cletus the Fetus!!

Well, on August 26, I took a test...a line is a line (and I had to get reassurance from Kara & Robert because Brad was out of town)...please notice the VERY faint up and down line in the left window!

I needed reassurance, and that requires using first morning urine. Early the morning of August 27th, I did a rather foolproof, digital test....AND HOORAY!!!! It said a very obvious PREGNANT!!!

This is a picture of me on August 27. I was about 4 weeks along (very early). It will be really neat to compare that picture to the size my belly grows to as time goes by. It is so hard to believe that I am already 12 weeks.


  1. YAYYYYYY! Most exciting blog ever!!!!! :) Congrats again!! Miss you and Love you, Coulters!

  2. SO excited for you and Brad! I love the pictures! I can't wait to see that belly grow!