Sunday, October 26, 2008

Diaper Choice?

So tonight, Brad and I got Robert and Kara some Cracker Barrel for dinner. We also got some for ourselves and the four of us ate dinner together over at their house. After dinner, Kara and I were discussing how baby boys often pee in mid-air when changing their diapers. I then proceeded to tell a story about a little boy baby that created the perfect arc with his stream. The diaper that was being changed when this happened was a pee diaper, which I mentioned in my story. Brad was sitting with us and overheard this story. I looked over and he had a confused look on his face and proceeded to ask, "Wait...there are different diapers for pee and poop diapers?"

Clearly Brad does not have any experience with babies, and I can see where one would be confused after overhearing part of my story. But come on now....separate types of diapers for pee and poop????

I can hardly wait for Baby Coulter to join our lives....there will be many more stories like this to share :)

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