Sunday, November 16, 2008

Changed my mind already!

Well we bought those two items yesterday and I have already changed my mind - figures, right? I am calling this afternoon to tell them that I don't want the 5 drawer chest - instead, I want a dresser. I really want a place in the nursery for diapers to be changed and clothes to be changed. I am trying to decide whether to do that and then get the bookcase in a few months or to keep the 5 drawer chest and buy the dresser and a hutch for later on (instead of the bookcase). Oh gosh...decisions, decisions!

On a different note, Brad is going out of town today. This means hopefully I will be more motivated to clean and organize Cletus the Fetus' room - I really should do before and after pictures - it has got a long way to go!

On yet a different note, tomorrow is my birthday! Hard to believe that I am almost a quarter of a century old - sounds old (though I know that 25 really isn't that old..)! We celebrated with friends on Friday night, and we ate at Sperry's with my dad and brother last night. I love spreading out the celebrations to create a birthday week! :)

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