Saturday, January 16, 2010

And We're Back!

So I have been meaning to do a few posts over the last week or so, and BAM! The stomach bug made a visit to our house...and it hit hard! Sweet Pea started throwing up while with Grandma (sorry, Grandma!) on Tuesday and it went downhill from there. Brad and I started feeling bad Wednesday afternoon, and by Wednesday night, we were in bed. Brad's mom came to bring us Sprite and Saltines and get Katie to bed (of course, after throwing up a couple times) and then went back to her house and she was sick too! Thursday we were all just draggy. Baby Girl was so lethargic and slept the vast majority of the day (and let's not forget, threw up ALL OVER Mom!), so we knew she had been hit hard. By Friday, I felt great, Brad felt better, and Sweet Pea went the whole day without getting sick! Hooray! Today we all feel so much better. I loved seeing that sweet baby smile, hearing that sweet baby giggle, and watching her clap. While it is clearly no fun to be sick, I'd say it is 10 times worse to see your sweet baby not feel good (not to mention, it becomes quite tricky when everyone in the household is sick!).

I will catch up on New Years and other posts in the next few days. For now, disinfecting the house :)

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  1. I'm sorry you all have been sick. That is no fun at all!