Thursday, May 6, 2010

365 Days/52 Weeks/12 Months

Wow! My little sweet pea is really one year old. Where in the world did the time go!? While I am quite thankful I am not up every 2 hours having to feed her, I definitely miss the little, snuggly baby. Every day I try to just sit and watch her and soak it all up. This age is really so much fun as she is learning new things on a daily basis. She is a ham and definitely knows she is cute. She has a "snorty grin" that is absolutely hilarious and oh so cute. She is quite social and loves to shop. I am afraid we have a little diva on our hands! She definitely loves her Daddy - she gets so excited when he gets home from work everyday! I know everyone always says that the time flies even faster when you have children - I definitely have to agree with that after seeing how quickly this first year has gone. We are such a blessed family. Now, here are some of this month's stats:

Weight: 24 pounds even (if you recall, she was only in the 10th percentile at 4 months - now she is in the 90th!!!)
Height: 29.75 inches (70-75th percentile...she has grown 10 inches in one year!)
Diaper Size: Size 4
Clothing Size: She still fits in some 12 month things, but we are definitely phasing in the 18 month items!
Food/Eating: Katie has done great with the transition to cow's milk. We are giving her organic whole milk when we can. And she is not using a bottle at all - she is 100% sippy cup and doing a wonderful job with it! As for food, once again - there is nothing she doesn't like! She actually gets quite impatient with meal time if you don't give her food fast enough!
Talking: She is still doing about the same thing. She is babbling up a storm and loves to read. Also, she is really doing a good job copying what we say, so I feel like she will really start adding to her vocabulary!
Crawling/Walking: She is a speed crawler now! She loves it when I chase her saying "I'm gonna get you!!" - I love it too! As for walking, it still hasn't happened (aside from the occasional step). Come on, Katie! It should be anytime now! She does love walking behind her push toys.
Sleeping: Thankfully, she's still a champ! Last night she slept for over 13 hours!
Teeth: Right now, when Katie smiles, you can see 3 teeth on the bottom. One of her top teeth has cut through. There are about 3 or so more teeth about to cut through any day now. When she eats, she loves to eat crunchy things that she can bite.
Other: She is good at putting a ball in a toy or shapes in their slot (with a little help regarding matching the shape with the slot). Like I mentioned earlier, she does love books. She also has a dolly (thanks, Grandma!) that she loves to play with in the car. She will still love on you when you say "Awwww" - she puts her head down on your shoulder and hugs you. Love it!

On her actual birthday - happy girl!

She loves to pull up on the highchair and play with the straps!

She also loves to pull up on the door and look for the dog!

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