Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things I Love Right Now...

1) When she wakes up in the morning or from a nap, Baby K positions herself in rib so she can see her bedroom door and watch for us to come in.

2) The way Baby K "talks" to her little stuffed Elmo.

3) The way Baby K's face lights up when "Elmo's World" comes on.

4) How Baby K shakes her head no at the funniest times (I am sure this will one day be very annoying...) - I was wiggling my toe at her and she thought my toe was saying "no" ... so she shook her head at my toe.

5) When Baby K tries to give Elmo her binky.

6) How when you wave at her, Baby K will wave back at you - she even waves at her own reflection!

7) How when Baby K is looking at her photo album, she tries to pet Sadie's picture like she pets her in real life.

8) When I pick her up, Baby K acts like she couldn't be happier where she is - she almost shakes with excitement and squeezes me like she never wants me to put her down. It makes my heart so happy.

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Years Thru the Years

After putting together my last post and thinking back to all of our years of New Years celebrations, I decided to do a quick picture history of them! It's fun to see how we have changed through the years...

New Years 2005-2006

New Years 2006-2007

New Years 2007-2008

New Years 2008-2009
pregnant with Baby K

New Years 2009-2010
family of 3

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ringing In the New Year

Every year we venture to NC to spend New Year's with some of our friends. In fact, I have made this trip east every year since Brad and I have been together! The first one we were engaged, the second one we were married, the third one was just us, the fourth one I was pregnant, and this one we had another passenger - Baby K! This year was also a little different in that we rang in 2010 at the BEACH in North Carolina! It was obviously a bit cool, but it was nice because we essentially had the area to ourselves! Some of the highlights of the trip included all of the guys swimming in the Atlantic just after midnight (also known as "Polar Bear Clubbing"), the never-ending game of Phase 10, and being able to watch our teams play their bowl games. Below are some pictures of the adventure...enjoy! And Happy 2010!

Baby K helping pack her suitcase

Snoozing on the plane

The beach house

The kiddos

Hangin' out on the deck

Baby K and I watching the boys play football on the beach

Brad posing with Baby K too!

Happy 2010 from us to you!

Our family New Years picture - a little early - so Baby K could go to bed on time
Our annual HAPPY NEW YEAR picture

On New Years Day - Baby K ready to cheer Auburn on in their bowl game

Neat picture I took on the beach...

Another neat one...I love beach pictures

As I was walking back to the beach house, this is what I was able to see...

How beautiful - sunsets and the beach - it doesn't get much better!

Baby Girl and Momma about to go on a walk

Family shot

Baby K's first noodle experience :)

We are blessed with such great friends

Baby K's first highchair experience

Baby K excited to head home and see Sadie!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

And We're Back!

So I have been meaning to do a few posts over the last week or so, and BAM! The stomach bug made a visit to our house...and it hit hard! Sweet Pea started throwing up while with Grandma (sorry, Grandma!) on Tuesday and it went downhill from there. Brad and I started feeling bad Wednesday afternoon, and by Wednesday night, we were in bed. Brad's mom came to bring us Sprite and Saltines and get Katie to bed (of course, after throwing up a couple times) and then went back to her house and she was sick too! Thursday we were all just draggy. Baby Girl was so lethargic and slept the vast majority of the day (and let's not forget, threw up ALL OVER Mom!), so we knew she had been hit hard. By Friday, I felt great, Brad felt better, and Sweet Pea went the whole day without getting sick! Hooray! Today we all feel so much better. I loved seeing that sweet baby smile, hearing that sweet baby giggle, and watching her clap. While it is clearly no fun to be sick, I'd say it is 10 times worse to see your sweet baby not feel good (not to mention, it becomes quite tricky when everyone in the household is sick!).

I will catch up on New Years and other posts in the next few days. For now, disinfecting the house :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

No? All Done? I'm So Silly?

Well, Baby K has a new 'trick'. She shakes her head as if she is saying 'no'. And she loves to do it when it is bottle time. Not sure if it is that she is finding her place in space and still figuring out how her body functions, or if she is really telling me she doesn't want anymore to eat! She will also sometimes to it just sitting there - such a silly girl. It is pretty funny until you are trying to get her to eat and all she wants to do is shake her head and play with the bottle! But I can't help but smile everytime she does it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

I just wanted to wish you and your family a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year. I hope 2010 is the best year yet - I look forward to seeing what it holds for our family for sure. Just like we do every year, we rang in 2010 with some of our best friends, but this year, we celebrated at the beach! Just after the ball dropped, all of the guys decided they were going to join the Polar Bear Club. Yes, that's right, they went swimming in the Atlantic at about 12:15 this morning. I am happy to report that I stayed warm and comfy at the beach house sipping my champagne while the crazies got cold and wet :) There will definitely be pictures to follow!

I hope you had a memorable new years and are blessed in 2010.