Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ringing In The New Year

Just call us party animals! HA!  We rang in the new year with our neighbors ... I think this may be the second or third year in a row with them!  They came over and the kids played and we got pizza and hung out.  It was great and so easy!  All 4 kids scarfed down their pizza! Poor Jack - still in the highchair :) As long as he will fit, he will be in one - ha!  We need a place to have him be contained!
Here is the annual family picture!
 And Jill and Elsa...oh, I mean Stella :)
The girls had a great time playing dress up!  At one point we had TWO Elsas in the house!  Whew!
 And then Katie wanted to take a picture of us together.  I love this picture!  I'll have to remember that her standing in a chair to take a picture is a flattering angle - ha!
 And then we did as instructed....silly faces! 
They headed home for bedtime at around 7:30 and then we got our crazies down.  I managed to stay up until midnight in the eastern timezone (oh, how times have changed) and was asleep by 11:15! HA!
Hope you had a great New Years and are looking forward to all that 2015 may bring!


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