Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ryan: 7 Months

Knock on wood, things seem to be going pretty well (as well as can be expected with 3 kids and a jam packed schedule) with this!  May main concern is that Ryan sleeps through the night, which he does.  Whew!  We usually have a few minutes between getting Katie and Jack down and getting him ready for bed.  It is usually between 8 and 8:15 that we get started.  Brad will take him up for a new diaper, jammies, sleep sack, and sometimes a book (depends on how ready he is for bed) while I get his bottle ready - then I go up and typically feed it to him (Brad does that occasionally).  I am so thankful for a good night sleeper - the week leading up to Christmas, Ryan was really sick and not very well - it made me appreciate that he typically does well at night for sure!  He usually will sleep until about 6:30...he's even slept until 8:30 before!  Most of the time it is somewhere between 6:30-7:30.  Now that school is back in session, I am trying to get him to eat at around 6:30/6:45 and go back to sleep while I get Katie and Jack up and going.  A couple times now, he started making noise but then played for a few minutes - no crying!  I like it!  If he will entertain himself in the crib like Katie and Jack did, that would be amazing!  So night time is good.  Naps are a whole different ballgame.  He does not like to nap much in his crib.  He does pretty well in his carseat (at least he has somewhere he can sleep well!)...actually today he slept for almost an hour in his crib!  I certainly wish he would nap better and get on some sort of routine there, but at the same time, I have Katie's and Jack's schedules to deal with, so I appreciate the fact that he is flexible!  About a week ago, we looked up and he had actually fallen asleep in the high chair - Katie and Jack would not have ever done that!
We are all formula these days!  Ryan made it a few days past 6 months trying formula for the first time!  Here he is with his first formula bottle!
And I had already started weaning him and using frozen milk, so it wasn't much longer until I was all dried up! I actually just used the last bit of frozen milk from the freezer earlier this week - one last bottle and then some to mix in his morning cereal.  In his bottles, he is back to drinking 6-7 ounces per feeding (typically it is 7 ounces these days) and using a stage 3 nipple (which means faster feedings)!  And his schedule is bottle one at around 7, 2 scoops of cereal at around 8:30, bottle two around 11, bottle three around 2, bottle four around 5, one jar/pouch of baby food + 1-2 scoops of cereal at 6:45, and finally bottle five around 8/8:30.
He got his booster flu shot on the day he was 7 months and I weighed him!  He was 18 pounds, 14 ounces!
The measurement here was 27.5 inches!
Size Clothes
I just took all of his 6 month things out of his drawers and put all the 9 month things in.  How is it even possible that he is in 9 month!?  He is growing like a weed!
Size Diapers
Size 3 for sure!  There are just a few size 2s that we are trying to use up (on the changing area downstairs and in the diaper bag), but size 3 is definitely the best fit!
Hair color
It is slowly but surely starting to come in more and more!  Sometimes I think that it will be darker than Katie's and Jack's, while other times I see lots of blonde!  Can't wait to see it as it comes in thicker!
Eye color
Those sweet baby blues!
Looking Like
Holy cow!  So much like Brad's baby pictures and Jack as a baby!  On his 7 month day, he happened to be wearing the same outfit that Jack wore 2 years previously (I saw on Timehop - best app ever) - they look so much alike! 
Baby, The Dude, Doodlebop, HM McGee! :)
Favorite toy
I think his favorite little toy these days is the soft, vibrating, noisemaking toy that Katie gave Ryan for Christmas.  You squeeze it and it plays music and wiggles all over his highchair tray and he thinks it is amazing!  He also loves the big toy that Santa brought him - specifically the "records" that go with it!
He loves his exersaucer!  Once he gets jumping in that thing, he goes nuts!  He also used his walker for the first time - right now, it is more of a stander as he cannot reach the ground yet :)
The swing is likely on its way out...he will sit in it occasionally, but I think he finds it boring now :)  Other things he likes is crinkly books/toys and anything squeaky!  And he has some built-in favorites too - his toes!  He loves to play with his feet and then "chew" on his toes!  He and Sadie are becoming good buddies too - Ryan loves to watch her (or really anyone or anything) all the time!
He is loving baby food! He actually likes it so much that he really does not like to eat his his cereal in the mornings!  So far he has had sweet potatoes, apples, butternut squash, and mango!  We got a little bit of a late start with starting the baby food since he was so sick leading up to Christmas!   Here he is after finishing his first meal of baby food - I think he approves!  Another post coming on how the whole meal went!
Ryan had his first Christmas and New Year as well!
Ryan is everywhere!  He loves to be on the floor rolling and kicking and scooting and planking!  He rolls all over the place and then gets up on all fours and rocks and then planks and does all sorts of maneuvers.  He is doing well with sitting up - I still keep pillows around him in case he gets excited or tries to look up.  If I lay him on the ground, it is amazing how quickly he ends up across the room!
Ryan has learned to scream and then laugh in order to get our attention :)  I guess that is part of being the third child!  He also says "mamama" and I think once or twice I have heard him say "bababa".
Anything else?
I love times when I see little glimpses of all the kids playing nicely together.  Katie and Jack sure loves him.  Jack has even shared his new firetruck with him!  That right there -- that's true brotherly love!  Katie loves to hold him and read to him and sing to him and make him smile.  Jack is so easy with his hugs and kisses and is quick to bring him his toys.  So sweet!  Ryan can't stand it when Katie and Jack are gone.  On the days they both have school/moms day out, Ryan gets so bored at home!  I guess he used to all the noise and activity - we certainly have a lot of both of those :)  He loves to be held and snuggled.  And he likes to stand on people's laps.  I love when he reaches for my cheeks with both hands - feels like a face hug!  He also will snuggle right into a tight hug sometimes!  I love it!  I also think he is working on his first tooth - he has been chewing on everything these days!  I am so glad he is all the way over that awful germ!  The week of Christmas, he was diagnosed with bronchiolitis and actually had to do a breathing treatment at the doctor's office.  We steamed the bathroom up to help him breathe at night and we took turns with him at night.  Needless to say we were exhausted!  And when it was really bad, he would gag up all of his bottles because of coughing so hard.  He was miserable and oh so pitiful!  He turned a corner late Christmas Eve (thank goodness) and was able to enjoy his first Christmas (except for his ear hurting - all of the congestion also led to his first ear infection)!
Here he is with the breathing treatment...
...and falling asleep when the bathroom was being steamed for him.
And then on Christmas Eve, he got in the shower with me for the steam and he started to feel better.  I even saw a smile - he hadn't smiled in a few days for sure!
Here are some more pictures from the past month!





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