Friday, July 8, 2016

Ten Years: Our Anniversary

A couple weeks ago, we celebrated our TENTH anniversary.  Holy cow.  That is a freaking long time! We have definitely accomplished a lot in these years together...namely, the three ring circus we run :) We have also traveled a lot - very thankful for that!  We have survived houses, different jobs, different cars...I guess a lot can happen in ten years!  Here are some pictures from our first date, our wedding, our honeymoon, St Thomas trip, Europe trip, and then a more recent date night!
And then this is how we spent our actual anniversary.  Family dinner at Newks, dropping Katie off at a neighborhood VBS type event, and going to PetSmart for dog food and letting the boys see the kitties and fish.  Go big or go home, no?
Brad did bring me flowers home that afternoon!  They lasted for a long time and were beautiful!
We did get to head out to celebrate (not that Newks and PetSmart isn't a fun night out)!  Here we are when we were headed out!  We went to the mall for some shopping...Brad needed some new work clothes.  And boy did he find some - thank goodness they were all on sale!
And then we headed to an early dinner at one of my favorite restaurants!  Love this picture of us!
They had even printed special menus just for us!
And then our drinks with the special menu :)
My food was amazing!  I got the filet with asparagus and potatoes.  YUM!
And Brad got one of their specials...something involving pork. :)  And yes.  I was that lady taking pictures of our food and drinks.
After we finished our amazing dinner, we headed to a local winery!
We got some wine and found a spot to sit.  We really need to go there more often...the kids would love running around!
Wine, beautiful view, and great conversation.  Not too shabby.
As it got darker, we realized it appeared that it might storm. Thank goodness we left when we poured down rain!  Our next stop? Something sweet...Krispy Kreme!!!
What a great afternoon and evening we had out together.  And the celebrating doesn't end there.  We are heading to Jamaica in a matter of days - we haven't gone anywhere just the two of us in quite some time.  I am pretty excited! Lots to do before we head out, but it will be worth it :)  Happy 10th to us!


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