Thursday, July 7, 2016

Jack + Ryan: The Joint Birthday Party

I think the boys' party was the first I have done that I didn't feel the need to get everything coordinated and matching a certain theme.  It definitely felt nice, but I did feel like I was forgetting so many things!  The boys did wear matching shirts.  And the cake was delicious.  And the party place provided the paper products - I figured since we were already paying for the party, we might as well take advantage and not spend extra on cute stuff!  What on earth has gotten into me?! HA!

Here are the boys when we first arrived and took everything into the party room!
And the cake! I got it at Publix...and I almost forgot - oops!  But it was perfect!
And rather than buying a bunch of stuff that would end up in the trashcan for favors, I had cookies made!  They were amazing - she did an amazing job!
I did buy a few balloons - that was about the extent of things!
It turned out cute despite me not spending extra!  And I would imagine the boys didn't care too much :)
My mom had somewhere to go, so she came at the beginning for just a few minutes...and we actually got a decent picture together!
Action shot!  Sydney helping the boys (mainly Ryan) get to the top.  It took Ryan a bit to warm up to playing, but once he did, there was no stopping him!
Jack and his buddy Carter!  Sweet friends!
And a group shot!  Love all these kiddos!  It also didn't include at least 2 teeny babies.  Whew!  I'm so glad my kiddos have a village of people that love them so well.
Ryan was soaking up being the center of attention...he kept standing up and jumping and landing on his rump and then just laughing and laughing.  Everyone else found it entertaining too, so of course he kept doing it!
Then it was cake time!  Jack joined Ryan in the big chair so we could sing and blow candles out!
Action shot!  Poor Ryan didn't stand a chance with blowing those candles out!
I love that friends I have had for over 25 years are now at my kiddos' parties!
And a family shot - not too shabby!
And they sort of cooperated for a group picture with Tanja and Nick...Ryan was ready to get back to playing I do believe!
Jack with some more buddies!  Love this picture!
We went to eat dinner after the party and I managed to get this picture of the kiddos.  They were exhausted after such a fun party!
When we got home, we told each of the boys that they could each pick one present to open!  So they picked one to play with!  And then they got to open their goodies from Grandma too.  Ryan got into opening presents this year...he was excited to dig through the tissue paper and see what was inside!
And obviously Jack is a pro - he had that paper flying in the air for sure!
They finished opening their goodies the next day - here is Jack modeling his new rain boots from Tanja and Nick!  He loves them!
And we had to get all of the transportation toys out of the packaging immediately so the boys could have races and figure out all the buttons.
Such a fun celebration of these boys!  It was nice to have a joint party too!  They loved seeing all their friends and getting to eat cake together :)

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