Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Second Grade: Katie's First Day

I really should rename my blog "Better Late Than Never" - it appears that is how I roll when posting these days!  But I definitely don't want to miss some of the fun things that have been going on - including Katie's first day of school (even though it was almost one month ago - oops!)...

She is loving second grade!  She actually had her first quiz today (they don't get letter grades until third grade, so I assume it is just to get ready for what is to come once she hits third grade) on oceans and continents!  She loves to read and is just doing great!  Her teacher is so nice - and I certainly appreciate that she does not require homework every single night.  She gets that the kids are learning and focused all day and sometimes you just don't have time for homework in the afternoons!  Katie reads every night (which she would do anyways) and we will be doing more with her math and such coming up soon, but I love that there isn't anything that has to be signed off on each night.

Here she is on the first day of school!  I had picked out a different dress, but of course that was not suitable.  So she picked this one out!  And she is all about the bows again.  I am not complaining :) I know that won't last forever! 
Sweet girl looking oh so grown up!
And with the sign!  Love this picture!
This is one she "styled" herself - what a goofball!
And this is spot on - happy and sassy.  That's my girl!
And one more before we went inside.  She was less than thrilled about pictures, but she knows the sooner she cooperates, the sooner it is over :)
As we headed inside, the boys wanted in on the picture action!  Love this picture - need to frame it!
As we were trying to get Ryan to be still and look and smile (a lot to ask for a 2 year old), he was peeking out from behind Katie.  Love that I caught a cute one!
And Katie asked if I would take her to school on the first day and walk her into her classroom.  I know she won't want me to do that for long, so we did it!  Brad couldn't go this year, so it was me and the boys walking her in!  Here she is before heading inside!
Jack was so excited to go into big school! 
We walked her to her room, and that was it! The first day was just a half day, and she rode the bus home.  Her first day of school got a thumbs up!  I hope it stays that way all year!
And just for fun, here's a comparison of Katie's first day of school each year.  Goodness gracious.  We obviously love our Matilda Jane and Sperry's combo - ha!  And Katie is just growing up way too quickly.
So proud of my girl!  I hope she has a great year of school this year!

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