Friday, September 9, 2016

Preschool + Mother's Day Out: The Boys' First Days

The boys have now been in school for a few days and are loving it!  Ryan is going two days a week and Jack is now going 4 days a week!  It is taking some getting used to with the new schedules and all of that, but I am glad they are back into a normal routine - and it helps me have some time to get stuff done!

Here is Ryan on the first day - sweet boy.  He is getting so big!
 And I actually got a picture of him with the first day sign!  I am fairly certain he was moving in this - but there aren't many times when he isn't moving!  I had to have Brad's assistance for a quick photo session that morning.  Ryan has to be distracted to sit even close to still :)
 And Jack.  My big boy.  Here he is with the first day sign!  He was so excited for school to start and couldn't wait to get there and see his buddies!
 And a sweet picture!  Love that smile!
 We also attempted a few pictures in the neighbors' yard - once again, an action shot!  I can't believe they both fit on there!
 This picture cracks me up.  That is Ryan's "cheese face" - he always looks so serious when he says cheese!  And obviously Jack was laughing and trying to get Ryan to smile.
 And this was the only one where both boys were looking at the camera and sort of smiling.  I'll take it!
 And I did manage to get a picture of Ryan on our front porch before we headed inside to finish making lunches and head to school.  Love that boy!
We finally headed off to school!  I took some quick pictures on my phone before we went inside.  First drop off was Ryan - after getting his lunch and naptime stuff out of his bag, I gave it to him and walked into that classroom like he owned the place.  And then I made a quick beeline outta there so he didn't see me and try to escape :) Now if we can just get him to nap at school, all will be right with the world.  I looked today and he has had three of his canine teeth cut through, so I am certain that has played a role in his eating and sleeping.

When it was Jack's turn, we walked in and found his cubby and he wanted to sign his name!  So proud!  After a few days, all the kids "sign in" when they get there so they can practice writing their names.  Such a neat idea!  He has had an issue with listening to the teacher, but after a little pep talk at home about listening and doing so the first time, she told me yesterday that he did so much better!  I think he is still getting used to new routines and a new teacher and is exhausted from going to school that extra day.  Proud of him for paying attention and doing his best!
While the boys were at school, my first stop was the trail!  I got 4 miles in before it got too terribly hot!
And I had promised Katie that I would eat lunch with her on the boys' first day of school, so that was my next stop (her lunch time is more like brunch)!  Goodness I was tired.  Ha!
After that I went home and showered and put up tons of laundry and got Ryan's clothes organized and enjoyed a quiet house!

Later that night, COLLEGE FOOTBALL STARTED!  Love it.  Everyone in the house was excited and screaming and jumping as the players ran through the T!  Brad was relieved that they pulled out a win.  Whew.  Hopefully they are working hard this week and will come out stronger this weekend.
Stay tuned for some more catching up!  Happy Friday!

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