Sunday, May 11, 2008

French Riviera

...and having a ball!! We are in Nice right now - and have been for about 3 days or so. We LOVE it!! A new kind of cuisine was definitely welcome...and being on the beach is a definite plus as well! We also had ZERO tours scheduled when we arrived, so we were able to sleep late and fly by the seat of our pants. We did do a 4 hour van tour with a number of stops and opportunities to take pictures - that was great. We got to see a lot of places we would not have seen otherwise - lots of great views with lots of great pictures! The food has been wonderful....I am a big fan of the Nutella Crepes (chocolate of course) - Brad continues to make fun of me because I have had chocolate at least once every single day of our trip. LOVE IT! The croissants have been great - we will both be doing Weight Watchers upon our return!! Oh well, at least we are enjoying things here! My mosquito bites are MUCH better - thank goodness for the Zyrtec and cortisone cream from the drug store!!!!

Tonight we are heading to Paris on another night train. On the night train to here, we had our own car with bunk beds. On this one tonight, we have reclining seats and that is it - I guess we will see how much sleep we actually get! Tomorrow night we are doing a bike tour of Paris which includes ice cream (yum!) and a ride on the Seine River - should be exciting!

Things we have learned that we definitely take for granted: availability of clean & free public bathrooms, air conditioning, lotion in hotel rooms, light food, good service at restaurants (we have had good service MOST places), dependable luggage (my two straps broke already - both in the same place - Brad had to rig them to be able to have straps to wear my pack on my back)....AND WE MISS SADIE!!!! (and family and friends, too, of course! hehe)

Not too much longer til we are home and able to sleep in air conditioning and in our own bed! On to Paris for now revoir!

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