Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Valentine's Day '15: Decor Edition

Hello, there! Welcome back to my itty bitty spot on the web.  I am back at it again with the playing catch up!  Just when I was ready to go, my laptop stopped working!  A week and half later (and a new motherboard, which thankfully was still under warranty), her we are again!
I had planned to do one giant Valentine's post - but the big ones are sometimes overwhelming to me.  And if they are overwhelming for me to tackle, I figured they were probably overwhelming to read!  so I am going to do two posts - décor and the celebrations!
So here begins post number one - our décor!  I have this chicken wire board hanging with the kids' artwork (mostly Jack's) and bought that cute heart at Target to hang on it!  I love how it looked on there!
And this was the console table in the kitchen - I did those to "Love" canvases with the boys a couple days before Valentine's Day - and I was thrilled with how they turned out!  It was so fun and it was the perfect decorations!  And those heart lights were so cute on that table too!
In the living room, I had this cute banner hanging on the mantle, a "Love" canvas that Katie did at MDO last year and some fake flowers :)  Those banners certainly are a nice touch!  I can't wait to put my Easter one up!
Here is a close up of the canvas that Katie did :)
And another shot of the mantle - was just the right amount of decoration!
And in the downstairs bathroom, I had this hand towel out - nothing fancy (and could actually work for 4th of July and Christmas, too) but it was a nice touch!
I always have intentions of doing more decorating, but with three kiddos, it gets nuts around here!  I have been meaning to decorate for Easter for the last few days and have yet to do so.  Maybe today is the day!  And I will try to do a better job posting them in a timely manner!  For now, I am going to go chase Ryan around - he is power crawling and attempting to pull up on the little rocking chair! AH!


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