Sunday, March 29, 2015

Valentine's Day '15: The Fun We Had

Whew!  Finally the rest of our Valentine's Day!  It was such a fun day - and since it was like 6 weeks ago, I will do my best to go through what all we did! :)
I saw t his online and absolutely loved it - of course, I can't remember the source, but if I figure it out, I will be sure to post...and likely order a print or something.  Would be a fantastic decoration!
After the kids went to bed the night before Valentine's, we set out all kinds of yummy, fun things!  It is always fun to have themed donuts! 
And we set out each kid's goodies from us!  I may have gone slightly overboard.  I keep saying I will do better, but I think I have as much fun finding fun things for them and surprising them as they do getting the items!  And you can never have too many books!
I also got up super early for Tae Bo...which happens to be the last time I did it.  I do plan on fixing that as I am signed up for the early morning class tomorrow.  Sure hope I survive!
And we got to go to a birthday party!  So I hurried home to shower and then the kids got ready and had a quick picture taken before heading to Avery's birthday party!
Baby's first Valentine's Day! :)
It was such a fun party - so fun, in fact, that Katie decided to have her party there!  It is all kinds of inflatables...and I do believe the adults had as much fun as the kids!  We all went down the slides and had a blast racing and jumping around!  Then it was time for the party room....and ELSA showed up! 
After singing, she read a book and I happened to snap this...A MOMENT OF SWEET LOVE BETWEEN THEM!  They love to aggravate each other these days, so catching this moment was rare and lucky :)
Katie with Elsa!  She could not believe she got to see Elsa on Valentine's Day!
And Jack even got in on the Elsa love :)
And so did I! I happen to have known Elsa since 3rd grade :)  I couldn't believe it when I walked into the room!  So fun!
When we got home, Cee Cee came over!  She ate lunch with us and visited and watched most of Lego Movie with us.  Hate that I didn't get any pictures of Cee Cee and the crazies!  Oh well - next time for sure.  Katie wasn't feeling herself, so she was kind of blah that afternoon and just wanted to relax.  It was actually pretty nice!  I even got some Jack snuggles when he got up from his nap!
That night, we decided to make it about the kids - Katie and Brad went on a Daddy Date to Chuy's!  I think he needs to work on the selfies...not too terrible, I guess!
And Jack and I shared some Sonic at home!
When Brad and Katie got home, they brought me chocolate and flowers that Katie picked out -- the way to my heart for sure!  I made a teeny arrangement for my bathroom and then had the bigger one for the kitchen!
It was such a low-key, fun day!  And this is the card that I meant to buy for Brad but didn't get around to it in time....
HA!  Love that.  Actually - we bought each other cards last year, neither of us ever wrote in them (or exchanged them), so we thought we would save them for this year.  And then we both forgot again.  HA!  We typically don't celebrate Valentine's together on the actual day since we don't like to fight the crowds.  We did go on a date night a couple weeks later and that was a blast!

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