Monday, March 2, 2015

Will's Birthday Celebration

In my effort to catch up on life (which is needed considering our normal was interrupted by snow and sickness - all of which lasted for half of February!), I wanted to include a post on my brother's birthday get together!  We had fun celebrating at my mom's house on his actual birthday - hooray for weekend birthdays!
And we actually got a picture of our family of 5.  And we were all looking!  And 80% were smiling!  I'll take it :)
And the most important part of the party (other than the birthday boy) - a Darlene's cake.  YUM.  They never disappoint! (that thing on the bottom left is supposed to be a computer - HA)
I love this picture! Bad lighting and all.  Because that is a true smile right there! :)
And that is not.  Here he is posing with one of the shirts we gave him!
I love that Jack likes to climb up in his lap!  It is usually to give hugs or to get closer to all the fun buttons on Will's wheelchair, but sweet nonetheless.  Jack had fun playing with the zipper on Will's fleece on this particular evening :)
And I caught a sweet Meme kiss for Katie!  Excuse the fact that Jack has no pants on (yes, he has a Pull Up on)...he shoved all his fruit under him and his pants were nasty!  Silly boys.  Jack also loves Meme - when she got there, he ran to the door (unprompted) and yelled, "MEME!!!!!" and gave her a big hug. 
And an attempt at a picture together.  He has his eyes open - I call that a win!  Even if he has a fake smile :)
We had such a fun time!  And we haven't seen them since with all of the ice and snow and shenanigans!  Hopefully we will remedy that soon!

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