Monday, May 11, 2015

Ryan: 11 Months

Knock on wood, I think we are doing better in this department!  I posted not too long ago about the struggles in getting Ryan to nap.  Well it seems we turned a corner!  And also seems that he has just taken the plunge into one good nap a day -- I'll take it!  That does mean we don't spend as much time in the car in the mornings because he will fall asleep, but that is aokay with me!  He goes down for his nap after he eats lunch - so usually around 1:00 give or take.  And he will usually sleep a good two hours...sometimes even three!  Yay!  And he is still doing a good job with sleeping at night - he goes down around 7:30 or 7:45 and will sleep about 11 or 12 hours!  So thankful we have made improvements in this department!
We are just doing the best we can in regards to this.  Table food is definitely not a problem!  Ryan would literally just keep eating as long as someone is sitting there putting food out for him!  He loves ham, cheese, yogurt, applesauce, and really just about anything!  Drinking his bottles is a whole different story, though.  As in - he won't...except the one at bedtime.  So we have resorted to mixing 5 ounces of formula with baby cereal for breakfast and lunch (and also giving him some table food then) and then a 9 ounce bottle at bedtime.  That puts the total at 19 ounces - and he should be getting about 20 each day.  Close enough for me!  In a few weeks we will put some whole milk in the sippy cup and see how he does with that.  He is definitely figuring out the sippy cup - he smiles so big when he actually drinks some!
Nothing official...but according to the home scale, he is about 23 pounds.
Nothing official here!
Size Clothes
Ryan is wearing 12 month clothes for sure.  I did put an 18 month outfit on him the other day and it was only slightly baggy on him.  So I think we will be making that transition soon!
Size Diapers
We are finishing a box of size 3 and then it is on to size 4!
Hair color
His hair is continuing to grow in a little at a time - sometimes it looks more brown and sometimes it looks blonde!  Can't wait to see what color it really ends up being!
Eye color
Looking Like
He still looks a lot like Jack did at this age - but with Katie's eyes.  Though I do think he is starting to develop his own look too!
Little Bud is a new one (at least I think)
Favorite toy
Anything!  He plays so well with toys now - and it keeps him busy for a long time!  He does love the weebles.  And big blocks.  And he likes to swing out on the swingset!  He does love the walker and sometimes the exersaucer.  And he likes the play table thing.  Oh - and now that he can pull up, he loves to wreck the train table!  He destroys the tracks and tries to chew on the train cars.  And he pulls up on the play kitchen and it really looks like he is trying to cook a meal!  And he is obsessed with the rollercoaster thing we have - he keeps trying to crawl to the top!
We left Ryan in the nursery at church for the first time a couple weeks ago!  Now when we take him, they say, "Ohh! He is the smiley, easy baby!"
Ryan is active!  He can crawl SO fast!  I guess he has learned that he has to move fast to be able to keep up with Katie and Jack!  He is pulling up on everything and climbing stairs.  He wants to stand up in place oh so bad, but he hasn't mastered that just yet.  In the walker, he runs everywhere.  I think he loves the freedom to explore other rooms in the house (downstairs, obviously).  He will be walking in no time I feel certain...this summer should be interesting with three wild kiddos that are all mobile!!  Ryan also loves to play peek a boo and is always so proud of himself!  He is also pulling up all the time in his crib - we finally (and by we, I mean Brad) lowered it to the middle level last week!
I actually remembered to start a little list!  He says the following things: dada, dog, up, byebye, binky, boo, mama, and uh oh.  Of course I know what he is trying to say because I am with him all the time.  Someone else probably wouldn't be able to tell :)  And we are trying some baby sign language - "more" and "all done" - but he just laughs at me when I try to get him to do it!  Silly guy.
Anything else?
How on EARTH is Ryan just days away from turning ONE?!  Goodness.  It really feels like he was just born.  Wow.  Time sure does fly!  He is a sweet, easy-going guy for sure (aside from the fact that he won't take a bottle)!  It is so fun to watch how he lights up when Katie or Jack play with him.  And it is also fun to watch his reaction when Jack takes a toy from him :) With three kids, it becomes survival of the fittest, so I think he is learning that he will have to stand up for himself around here!  And while he does love to have mama snuggles, Ryan would rather be down exploring!  He also loves to dance - anytime there is a beat, you can count on him to dance around!  And as of now, he only has two teeth!




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