Sunday, May 24, 2015

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Watch out, world.  Two posts in two days! HA!  I really am going to catch up, so just hang tight!  Back to the Daddy-Daughter had originally been scheduled for February, but it was during the weeks when we had so much snow!  So naturally school was out the day of the dance, so they had to reschedule.  Katie was bummed that they had to wait even longer - she was SO excited about getting dressed up and going on a date with her daddy!  So when it was the big day, she could hardly stand it!  I actually picked her up from school so that she had enough time to get ready -- which really meant I needed enough time to give it a go with the curling iron.  Yikes!  I am not so creative when it comes to hair and styling, so this was a big deal.  And as I type this I can still smell the hairspray!  This was the countertop as she was getting ready!
And Daddy was waiting patiently at the bottom of the stairs with the corsage I ordered for him to give her on their special date night!
 She was a little bit embarrassed to come down the stairs, but I think she really was more excited than anything!  Here she goes!
And Daddy helped her get her corsage on!
 A sweet!
 Good gracious.  I know I am her momma and all, but sheesh!  She looked absolutely beautiful that night.  I really should try to curl her hair more often - she loved it!
 And another one!
 And yep - one more.  Love that smile!  I wonder what Brad was doing behind me to get that genuine smile!
 And of course I had to get one of Daddy by himself - I can't believe he actually cooperated!
 And one of the two of them before they headed off!
They went to Chuy's for dinner (of course - because where else would they go on a date night)!
And then they headed to the dance!  They danced and had a big time - though Brad said Katie preferred dancing with her friends...not surprising at all!  Here she is with Hannah Jo!
And with Sydney!  Brad said at one point, Katie was at the front of the conga line/train!  I just love that.  And during the evening the dads and girls made a big circle and took turns dancing in the middle.  And of course there was a photobooth and treats.
And while they were out having fun, Jenn and I headed out to a wine drinking fundraiser!  And since the curling iron was already out and hot, I decided to curl my own hair -- and it worked!
Definitely a fun night for all of us!  I love that Katie's school has fun events like that!

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