Saturday, May 23, 2015

Spring Break 2015: Beach + Disney

Holy cow.  So.  Hi again....I just told Brad I was finishing up a post from Spring Break and he laughed at me. :) I keep thinking of the blog.  And I want to do posts every day...I really do!  But life has been oh so crazy with having three very different schedules to manage.  Plus I am trying to workout everyday and a lot of the time that has to happen during the boys' naptime (hooray that Ryan has an actual naptime now)!  But here it is in all it's glory!  I don't know that I have it in me to talk about each picture, but I will add some comments and explanations to some of the pictures. 
We had such a fun time on spring break!  I can't believe it was just over 2 months ago!  We went to the beach and then drove to Orlando for a day to visit The Mouse!  Yes - we went to Magic Kingdom at Disney World!  Katie has already asked if we can do the same trip (beach and Disney World) sometime this summer.  Looks like we may have created a monster!  Likely not going to happen! 
We managed to get out of the house before 8 am the day we left!  That is pretty awesome since it ended up being about a 13 hour drive with all of our stops!

Thank goodness for movies in the car!!!
And we made it!  Whew!
Day 1 at the beach was awesome!  Glad we had the little beach tent for Ryan to take a nap in - and to keep him from eating all the sand!
One of my favorites...I do one of these on each beach trip!
And the crazies before dinner! 

I love this picture of Katie - looking so grown up!
And day two!  She was so excited to have pigtails!
Ryan's first time in a pool!  He loves splashing!

I love this family picture before dinner!
Annnnnnnd I may have gotten a little burned - oops! 
Ready for some more beach time!

This was the view from our balcony!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
We each got pictures with the them!
And this turned out cute too!
The Wednesday of our trip, we told the kids we were going on an adventure.  Katie was convinced we were going to an aquarium (a pretty good guess!).....
...and this was her face when she saw that Magic Kingdom sign!  And she was speechless....that takes a LOT!
We had arrived!  The drive to get there was only about an hour and a half, so we decided to give it a go!

Thank goodness Ryan could snooze wherever!  Ha!
LOVE this picture!!!  Such a fun, exhausting day!
And the three ring circus in their Disney shirts!  I love these shirts :)
Then we rode the train around to the other side of the park!  Of course they were so excited to ride a train!
Even Ryan looked pretty thrilled - though I think it was mainly because he got out of the stroller!

Sweet brothers.  They sure love each other!
And the first ride - the teacups!!!!
Another one of my faves - good smiles from them!  And they loved it!
And on the Dumbo ride!
Brad took them both on a is the before picture!
And see Brad near the front and then Katie a few seats behind?  She had to ride with a dad that they talked to in line the whole time.  That man's daughters were big enough to ride without an adult and Brad had to ride with Jack.  Katie was fine as long as she got to go on the ride!
And doing the Cupid Shuffle with Mr. + Mrs. Incredible!  So much fun!
Love her!  I know she had an amazing day!  Her face at the beginning of our day when she saw the Cinderella castle was absolutely priceless!
Before we left we let the kids pick out a toy!  Katie picked out the doll that is Elsa when flipped one way and Anna when flipped the other.  Jack picked out some Cars toys and we got Ryan a Mickey!
And this sums up the end of the day.  HA!  Katie was tired.  Jack didn't want to leave.  And Ryan had had it.
Thank goodness for the monorail!  Everyone got a second (or third or fourth) wind and we all left happy!
And then we drove back to the beach condo - these kids were zonked!
The next day we relaxed and had some beach and pool time!
And more fun at the beach on our last day there.

Sweet girl.
He finally was all the way comfortable and loving it all on the beach on our last day.  Crazy guy!
And Ryan loved eating the sand and splashing in the surf on the beach!

While the boys napped and Brad watched basketball, Katie and I went to the pool.  Sunshine, squeaks of excitement, and champagne.  I'll take it :)
And we went to dinner and got ice cream that evening!  We were waiting for the ice cream here!
Then it was time to pack so we could hit the road early the next morning!
And we made it.  Traffic was terrible through Atlanta and of course we had to stop for food and potty and bottles, but boy was it nice to pull into the driveway!
Such a fun trip with lots of memories made!
More posts to come -- including daddy daughter dance, Easter, Katie's birthday, end of school, and other excitement!

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  1. We are taking almost this exact same trip next week! Beach condo Monday, Tuesday....Disney on Wednesday...and back to the condo Thursday, and Friday!!! It looks like you guys had a blast!!!