Friday, June 26, 2015

Easter 2015

Well, Easter wasn't THAT long ago - HA!  Since then we have had the end of school, all three kids turning a year older, and countless fun moments!  But.  I can't forget it!  So here we go with Easter 2015!
Here are two of the three when we got to church!  We were dropping the boys in their classes...
...and Katie got to go to big church for the first time with us! Thank goodness they had a fun activity sheet and crayons for the kids :)
I love picking out outfits for the kiddos that at least coordinate.  And hooray for spring colors!  Here was Katie on Easter Sunday...
Love that sweet girl!
And the crazy dude!
And baby's first Easter :) 
And one more...I love when you can see teeth just barely showing in pictures!
And a family pic!  Not too shabby with three kids to try and get focused on smiling and looking at the camera!
And even though I almost chopped Katie's head off in this picture, I do love it - sweet kiddos!
After church and a few pictures, we headed inside to see if the Easter Bunny had come (we don't have time to check before church since we go to the early service)!  Look!
Katie was excited to dig into her loot!
And I think the same goes for Jack!
Ryan was a little unsure, but he quickly got the hang of it!  He especially liked the easter grass!
And evidence that he quickly figured it out :)
And we can't forget about Sadie!
And Brad's mom and aunt, uncle, and cousin came over for Easter lunch - this was our spread!  YUM!
Then we went outside to hit the ball - Grandma gave that bat and ball to Jack and hit has been a hit (pun intended)!
She gave Katie a book - Katie got right into it!  I love that she loves to read!
And this was the best picture of Grandma and the kids we could get!
Katie did have a turn at bat - LOVE her determined, fierce expression...with a smile of course :)
We took turns at bat for quite a while! SO fun!  And it was a beautiful day!
Later in the day, Cee Cee and Will came over for some egg hunting and dinner!  The kids were ready!
It took a few minutes, but once Jack figured it out, he was determined to beat Katie to every egg.  A little fierce competition on Easter never hurts does it?
Katie was in the lead here - there MAY have been some tears during the egg hunt!
Meanwhile, Ryan just hung out in the swing.  Sweet boy!
And then I got this quick picture after we got inside!
We ate dinner and visited and then they headed out before we started the bedtime routine.  Here are the big kids sitting outside waiting to wave at Cee Cee!
 We had a super Easter and were so glad we were able to spend time with family! 


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