Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Easter Fun + Decor

 Well here we go in an effort to catch up on this little ole blog.  Whew.  It is going to take a while, but I am going to do it!  (I know I say that time and time again, but I am really trying!)
Katie was out of school on Good Friday, so we took the opportunity to go see the bunnies at a local toy store! We have done that the past 3 years or so and the kids really enjoy it.  Of course Ryan didn't get a whole lot out of it, but I think he had fun looking around :)
Here are the kids before we left the house!  If that's not a fake smile on Katie's face, I don't know what is - ha!  And no clue what Jack is doing.  That's real life around here though!
But there's a real smile for Jack!  That smile gets him out of a lot of trouble already.
And these two...they certainly act the part of siblings.  One minute they are sweet, sweet, sweet and the next minute they are tackling each other and aggravating the fire out of each other.
 And Katie asked for a picture with Sadie.  I love this!  Katie loves her sweet doggy - and Sadie loves her too!
And then one of Katie before we left!  That's a little bit better of a smile :)
And then we got there and got to see all the cute bunnies! 
 They love trying to pet the bunnies from over the side!
And they love playing with the dollhouses and train tables in the store - and watching the model train they have set up.  That also means there are major meltdowns when we have to leave all of that and not buy any toys either :)  Looking at this picture, you think "Awww how sweet - they sure love each other!"...well, in reality, Jack was screaming because he didn't want to leave and Katie was pouting because she was in trouble for not listening.  HA!
But they somehow managed to pull it together for this cute one! 
 There is a plantation/winery nearby, so I stopped by there to take a few pictures of the kiddos.  Love this one that I got of them!! 
I just love holiday traditions!  I hope they always want to go look at bunnies :) A mom can wish, right?
We also had some Easter decorations!  This was the wreath on the front door! 
 And these were the little decorations on the console table under the TV in the kitchen!  I thought those little carrot bundles were so cute!
 And then I put this banner up on the mantle - along with those carrot bundles and bunnies and chicks! 
I love having festive decor up!  It makes everything look so fun  - and it makes me sad to have to take it down! 
Next post coming up with be about our actual Easter - sweet, springy outfits, family, yummy food, and some fun time spent out in the backyard! 


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  1. That picture of Katie and Sadie is adorable!!!!
    All of your babies looked so sweet!!!