Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday, Ryan!

Well here it teeny baby's first birthday.  For some reason this one has hit me harder than the other two of them...and I am sure it is because my last little guy is now 1.  We had our last first birthday party yesterday (another post to come on that).  And the time leading up to today was a reminder of what I was doing last year - prepping for Jack's party and not having a clue that I would be having a baby!  A year ago this past weekend I was getting ready for Jack's 2nd birthday party -- and a year later, to the day, I had Ryan's first birthday party!  Whew.
Just look at that sweet face.  It honestly does not feel like it is even close to a year ago.  I know we have been busy, but goodness this last year has absolutely flown by!  I definitely miss having a teeny baby at my house - but I definitely don't miss the sleep deprivation.  Those cheeks...that cute nose....those lips.  Amazing to think that Ryan was our smallest baby at birth and has definitely filled out now! 
Not the best lighting, but goodness gracious.  I can just smell the new baby!  This little man was about to meet his big brother and big sister here...his life would never be the same :)
And one more.  That was one of my favorite newborn outfits on little Ryan.
And wow. Twelve months later he has turned into a boy that loves his family, loves to eat, loves to dance, and has decided just today that he wants to try to walk.  Life will definitely be more interesting when the third bambino is walking and running around!
And the last piece to our family puzzle is growing up WAY too fast.  Happy birthday, sweet boy!  We love you so big and are so excited to watch you grow and learn. 


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