Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Rest of the Weekend (Fall Break)

This past weekend was also fall break for Katie - so it meant no lunches and no alarm clock on Friday or Monday!  I call that a win for sure.  She was disappointed we didn't go to the beach for fall break (I guess lots of people in class were talking about going to the beach?) - but I think she had a fun time anyway!
Friday we started off by getting up and ready to go to the Y for me to work out.  I took this quick picture of Katie to demonstrate the fact that her SIZE 8 pants are too short.  Good heavens.  Out with the old and in with the new, I guess!
And I got a great work out in before we headed home!  Rather than going to the older kid area, Katie wanted to stay with Jack - very sweet!
After leaving the Y, we went to a playdate with friends.  It was designed to be a Bible study/discussion for the mamas and then let the kids play.  Well - that didn't exactly work!  We were going to talk about our favorite Bible verses about fear (since we are close to Halloween) and the kids dressed up!  Great idea, right?  Considering we were heavily outnumbered by little kids, it was not so successful on the verse discussion - but we all had a great time visiting!  And we shared our favorite verses via group text...better than nothing!  This is my favorite and I found this on Pinterest!
And here is a picture of all of the kids there!  We didn't have time for costumes, but at least we made it!
That afternoon, Katie played outside with the neighbors for a long time!  The weather was perfect!  Jack wanted to jump in a picture with the girls before he headed upstairs for nap/quiet time.  Love it!
Brad got home a little early and we opted to go to the park with the neighbors (which also turned into dinner with them) - we were ready to go and figured Jack was just laying in his room.  Nope!  I went in to tell him to jump on up and this is what I found.  He was out!  So we let him sleep a little extra before going - waking him up makes for a grouchy Jack!
While he was finishing his snooze and Katie was playing outside, Ryan soaked up every minute of having both of us to himself!  He is so funny with Sadie - and Sadie is so very patient.  He likes to roll on her and sit on her and poke at her.  And I think she just sees it as attention!
He loves to sit in the little Pottery Barn chairs! 
He also loves to look at books - he will grab a book or two and just find a comfy spot on the floor (or even in one of the chairs or sitting on the bottom stair) and sit and look at a book for 5 or 10 minutes!  No complaints here - that is for sure!
And after a short time, we were park-bound!  We all had a blast running around and playing!  Brad showed Jack how to go down the fireman pole on the playground.  Hopefully Jack remembers that he needs some help to do that on his own!
And we played on the swings and all kinds of other things!  Jack had fun pushing Katie on the swing!
Saturday was spent having breakfast and going to the pumpkin patch (see yesterday's post)!  We got home from that outing and all THREE kids took a nap at the same time!  Which means that I layed on the couch and did nothing - it felt so good!  And we just hung out at home and ate leftovers for dinner and relaxed that evening, which felt amazing!
Sunday morning we were up and at 'em!  Jack thought he would get creative with his donuts :)
And Brad and Katie headed to the Titans game!  That means they went to the game two weeks in a row!
And Katie was happy with closer seats and some popcorn!  I think she got some delicious food at the tailgate - and then snacks never hurt either!
While they were gone, I got time with the boys...and we headed to Target!  Love this picture I got of the boys together before jumping in the car!
And of course I had to put together a collage of picture of each kiddo from Sunday - love these!
After the game, Brad dropped Katie off at my mom's house so she could have a sleepover!  What a day for a 6 year old!  And Katie really pays attention to football games and asks questions to help figure out what is going on!  While all of that was going on, I headed to my soccer game of the week.  Yes!  I am playing soccer in a women's league!  And I love it - the girls are great and I have fun (and it is great exercise)!
That is a foot in of all of the players...and I burned OVER 1000 CALORIES!  Whoa.  That's a lot.  I went with my neighbor to an event that had yummy appetizers and wine and champagne...and then we split a dinner before heading home - I was thankful I had burned that many once I entered everything into MyFitnessPal!  We cleaned up pretty good, huh! The pic on the left was after the game, and the one on the right was before heading to the event!
On Monday, I did a spin class and then took the boys to my mom's house for a Halloween party!  Katie had helped prep the food and decorate and was so proud!  We had a good time, but we had to leave in time to get home for nap.  Let me just say keeping Ryan awake on the way home was a challenge!
And then Monday night, Katie had soccer practice...and she was on fire!  She scored 3 goals during practice and was aggressive and fast and proud!  I can't wait to see that energy translate to real life during a game...I know she will love it if she puts that energy into a game as well!
What a weekend!  And that makes for a shorter school week, which is always nice.   I do have to get all the kids up and out the door in the morning in time for the big kids' 8am dentist appointment.  Yuck.  It's always something!
I'm hoping to get a summer catch up post done soon - maybe broken down into a couple parts.  We will see!  But yay for keeping it up TWO DAYS IN A ROW! :)

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  1. Whew what a great Fall Break! Might not be the beach but sounds like it was lots of fun!