Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dentist Day!

I knew it was coming.  And I wasn't looking forward to it.  But Katie? She would do it every day if she had the option!  Thankfully she and Jack have only had good reports at the dentist so far - hopefully that continues...especially during younger years! 
We were up and out the door in time for the 8am dentist appointment for both kids.  Yuck!  But we made it - I literally pulled into the parking place at 8:00 on the dot.  Unfortunately, Katie was still late to school - I was really hoping to get her there on time!  I guess 5 minutes late isn't too shabby though.
The kids love the toys in waiting room.  And they especially love the fact that they have televisions on the ceiling for watching cartoons (Daniel Tiger this morning) while they get their teeth cleaned!  Neither had cavities and got a glowing report!  And Katie actually has one of her 6 year molars coming in - who knew!  I do vaguely recall her complaining that her teeth or gums hurt a few weeks ago.  I guess I know why!
Both kids got tokens to get a new little toy from the machine since they were good - and put their name in the no cavity club for the month!  Ryan was less than thrilled to be sitting on the side.  The real excitement starts next time for him -- I went ahead and made all three of them appointments for 6 months from now...that way they are all on the same schedule!  Now that will be an adventure!
Thankful for a good report and happy kiddos!  And thankful that I don't have to be out of the house with all three kids in order to arrive somewhere at 8am everyday.  Whew!


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  1. Glad they did well at the dentist! Yay for no cavities!