Monday, October 19, 2015

Seventh Annual Pancakes + Pumpkins Outing

Testing, testing.  Why, hello! It has been a while, no?  I always have good intentions to catch up from our summer fun and even some of the fun things we have done since school started.  But the end of the day, I am done for!  But I didn't want to miss out on a post about our annual fall outing - Puckett's and Gentry's Farm!
We have been doing this fun activity since Katie was a teeny baby.  Amazing!  I really look forward to it every year!
So we got up and headed out for breakfast.  It was pretty chilly to start the day, but in the sun it felt so good!  So we ended up eating outside (especially since that meant we didn't have to wait for the table).
As always, the food was delicious!  And Brad took this cute picture of me with the kiddos!  They were super excited to be heading to the pumpkin patch!
And then we headed to the farm.  Of course the first stop had to be the old truck for the annual picture!  I got this amazing one on my phone!  I can't believe I got one of all of them looking and smiling!
And then we did the corn maze!  Katie did most of the deciding on which way we would go, and she actually did a really good job getting us through it! 
 They even SORT OF cooperated for a picture in the corn!  There were only minimal amounts of complaining (mainly from Katie - Jack actually likes having his picture taken these days)!
 And then they were off!  Time to find out way out!
 Next we headed into the activity area and the kids did the barn maze once or twice before heading to the wheat and corn to play!  Even Ryan got in on that fun!
 Ryan was so excited to run around - he really got excited about all of the animals!  This was as good of a picture as I could get with him and much to see!
 He was so excited for rocks that fit in his hand perfectly - see?  He wanted to show me!
Then it was time for the hay ride!  It was such a gorgeous day and I think everyone in the area had the same idea!  Luckily the line moved quickly!
 And a quick shot of Daddy with the kids before the hayride took off!
Jack was so excited to see the tractors and cows!
 Katie wanted to do the tire swing next, and Jack actually sat calmly on this rock while we waited in line!  Amazing!
 And these two are complainers-extraordinaire when it comes to pictures and they are both involved.  But they did let me attempt a picture of them...the light is bouncing off their heads, but it is still a cute one!
 And it was finally her turn!  So much fun.
 I think her smile said it all! If there hadn't been a line, I definitely would have wanted a turn!
 Jack didn't want a turn on the tire swing, so Brad let him have a potty break and I sat down with Katie and Ryan.  Love this of sweet Katie!  She has informed me that she wants to wear bows again.  I guess I need to get a few more so we have more than just a dirty white one (I sold all of hers when she told me she didn't want to wear them anymore).
 And a Mommy Katie selfie!  Not too shabby!
Ryan found some more rocks and was loving life!
 Love this!  I think Brad and Jack were walking back up and trying to get Ryan to smile for me.  So silly!
 Which of course meant I needed to try one more time for a cute one of the three ring circus!
And this.  I cannot believe we got this with my cell phone and asking a random stranger to take our family picture.  I can't get over it - and I love it!
 Ryan got a turn swinging and loved it - it went pretty high!
But poor buddy.  He just couldn't hang!  He fell asleep as I pushed the stroller to the car on the bumpy gravel...and he stayed asleep in the car too!
I call that a success!  I had already bought pumpkins, so we didn't buy any more while we were there.  But we had a big time for sure!
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