Monday, May 23, 2016

Katie Turns SEVEN: The Big Day

I CANNOT BELIEVE I HAVE TAKEN THIS LONG TO POST ABOUT KATIE'S BIRTHDAY!!! Also -- how can my little teeny girl be SEVEN YEARS OLD!? I took this series of pictures the night before her actual birthday.  When I look at that sweet sleeping face, I still see that teeny tot she once was.  And we always get donuts for birthdays!  And everyone needs a big number balloon - ha!
 She totally looked older :) That smile of her is constantly changing - she keeps losing teeth!  And seeing those grown up teeth in there...just stop it.  She is growing up way too fast. 
Birthday donut for the birthday girl!
And she looks just thrilled to be standing on the chair to take a picture with the balloons, don't you think??
 It was a little windy that morning, so the balloons kept blowing around when I tried for a picture outside.  So this was the best we could do!  So cute, still! 
She picked this outfit to wear on her birthday - so cute!  It is awfully soft and comfy, so I don't blame her! 
 Then we let her pick one present to open before heading out to school!
She picked the one from the brothers.  That also required that I go get Jack up so that he could see her open it :)
 And then Sydney and Reagan came up with their present for her!  And we all walked down to the bus together.  She felt so special!  Here she is with Stella and Sydney!
Oh, technology.  One of my good friends was having lunch with her kids, and I got to FACETIME KATIE during lunch.  How crazy?! Ha!  They were supposed to be having testing on that day, which means no visitors, so Brad and I had lunch with her a few days earlier (and we were mystery readers together), so we didn't make it on her actual birthday.  This was as we were saying bye - hence why it was of her ear :)
And shortly after she got home, we headed to an early dinner at her favorite restaurant - Chuy's!  She was one happy camper! 
 And then she got to open the rest of her presents once we got home!  She LOVES her Kidizoom watch that we got her!
Brad and I had a birthday/retirement party to go to for Tanja's dad later that evening, so we got ready super fast.  I took a picture with Katie before we headed out - and of course her Shopkin pillow we gave her had to be in the picture :) 
And a quick picture of Brad and myself at the cocktail time before they had everyone sit down!
And me and Tanja :)
I'd call Katie's birthday a success!  Just look at how much she changed in 7 years!  Unreal.  It doesn't seem like that long ago since she was snuggled in my arms with that teeny bow on her head! 
And one more collage - I love seeing how she has changed through the years!  From newborn all the way to her seventh birthday!  Amazing!
I plan to do a separate post with pictures from her birthday party and then another with some of her favorites at this age!  She is such a tenderhearted, smart, beautiful girl and I am so blessed to call her mine!


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