Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Mother's Day was so nice this year!  I know a lot has happened since my last post (for instance, Katie's birthday and Jack's last soccer game), but these pictures were the easiest to access, so I decided to do this first :)
I started the day off with breakfast in bed!  Jack picked out the donuts for me at the store and Katie wanted to help cook something, so I got coffee, donut, and bacon!  YUM!
Jack also picked out these roses for me at the store.  And of course sweet cards from my people!
Jack drew a picture of me (that is 2 bellybuttons, thankyouverymuch) and filled in some blanks about me - so cute!  And then his amazing, crafty teacher made a dish towel with the drawing and a quote from his paper!  Such a great keepsake!
She also helped him with this!  He wrote his name and she went over it with hot glue and then painted it (once dry, obviously) so that I could keep his little signature at this age and stage!  Love it!  (sidenote:  I love that he is writing his name so well now!  Proud of Jack!)
Everyone was ready to go to church -- and somewhat cooperative for a picture!
Ryan really wanted zero part of the picture taking experience.  He is definitely at the most challenging age and stage for pictures!  Can only go up from here, right? :)
Each Sunday I try to take a picture of these folks walking into church!  It is neat to see how they have changed - the number...and size...of the kiddos!
Jack was looking rather preppy for Mother's Day!  He was proud of his belt :)
Katie's hair is getting SO LONG!  She needs at least a trim soon.  Her favorite hairstyle these days is a braid in the back...just normal, not a French braid!
And this happy guy.  I got pretty lucky with this picture of him!
And I got one of me and all three!  Love this one!  Ryan was being silly, so this was the best we could do!
After lunch and while Ryan was napping, I went out and got a manicure and pedicure.  It was so relaxing (and desperately needed)!  Then we headed to the park for a picnic and some playground time with Grandma, Cee Cee, and Uncle Will!  I actually got a decent picture with my mom!
All three kids had a blast running around and playing!  They were exhausted by the time we left to go home!
And I got a picture of Brad with his mama - so sweet!
My brother and I took about 20 selfies trying to get a good one - I think this is my favorite.  I don't recall what I said, but we both laughed!
Brad was pushing the kiddos on the swings and I got this picture.  I love it!
And Cee Cee helped Ryan count to three and then jump down!  Everyone there at blue on except for me - I should have taken a picture of all the blue folks!  Oh well. I am sure they appreciate that I did not :)
Katie is such a great big sister to Ryan - loved that she took his hand and helped him up and played with him...
...and then went down the slide with him!  He sure loves his Sissy!
And before we left, I got a picture with Brad!
I was so thankful for good weather and that we got to get some fresh air!  I got a cute bag/purse and some jewelry that actually (unplanned) matches it!  And I have already used my money for new running shoes!  Just need to schedule a massage and I am set :)  I am so thankful for my crazy crew and the great day we had together!

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