Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Katie turns SEVEN: Party Time

We had Katie's party the day after her birthday (since her birthday was on a Friday).  She was pretty set on having her party at a local indoor trampoline place, which also meant that we would have to really think about who we would invite.  Naturally, Katie wanted to invite each and every person she has ever spoken to :)  But we had to keep the party a certain size because of how proud this place is of their parties - ha!  Here she is before we headed out!  We got a sitter to stay at the house with the boys so we could focus on Katie.  Ryan was napping, so it wasn't a big deal.  I did feel pretty bad that we didn't take Jack - but the place is pretty big and we would not have been able to focus on celebrating Katie!  And he would have been the only boy, so there we go.
Our big SEVEN year old!
Doesn't Brad look darling holding all the Shopkin balloons?
Posing in front of the sign!
And part of the reason we have parties elsewhere is so we don't have to worry about decorations and all of that - but I can't have a themed party without the cute things that go with it!  So...Shopkins plates and napkins and tablecloths were a must!
And a few pictures of the cake.  I loved the pink ombre!  And it tasted amazing.  I didn't want a huge cake and all the little icing Shopkins, so I found these photo props and put one on the cake with giant candles!  I was pretty pleased with how it came together!
Loved that pink icing!

The cake with the photo props :)
And the tables all set up for the kiddos!
We put some balloons on the tables to decorate too!
And the goody bags for the friends!
Here she is jumping!
And a pic of Sydney jumping too!
Katie and Hannah Jo!  These girls have been friends since they were about 15 months old!  And they are about to be second graders at the same school together.  Unreal!
Katie and Sydney!  Sweet friends!
I didn't take too many pictures while they were jumping, but I did want a group photo before we headed in for cake!  And here we go!  Such cute girls!
And of course they had to do a silly picture!
Then it was time to go into the room!  These girls took down those juice boxes in record time.  And I'm glad that I brought bags of Pirate's Booty - they were so hungry too! 
They took a little while to get rehydrated and have a snack before singing and cake!
Tanja was good about taking pictures for me - we even got one of me and Brad together!
And she got a good one of Nanny and Papa!
And a great action shot - I laugh everytime I look at Brad in this one!
Sweet birthday girl!  She is also more likely to cooperate for pictures when it isn't me asking!
Here she is with her cake before singing!
And I got to jump in for one too!
And even Brad jumped in for a picture with us!
And an action shot while everyone was singing!  It is nice to actually be in some of the pictures!
We also got some cute pictures of Katie with some of the people that love her most!  Here she is with Nanny and Papa!
And with Tanja and Nick! Love it!
And we got a great one with Cee Cee - and she had her eyes open! :)
And a great one with Grandma too!
Then Katie organized a few group pictures (that's my girl)!  This is her with her classmates all holding the photo props :)  My mom got tickled watching this get put together because it is something I definitely would have done at her age -- telling people where to stand and how to hold the prop.  Ha!
And then a picture with some of her other friends!
And a picture with Stella and Sydney!  So glad to have these sweet friends on our street!
When we got home, she wanted to open presents immediately (can't say that I blame her)!  She should not utter the word "bored" ever this summer - she is set!
 What a fun birthday Katie had!  She felt so celebrated and loved - I call that a success! I am so proud of the young lady she is and can hardly believe that she is seven and starting second grade.  Whew!  Slow down time! 


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  1. What a fun party! They just put in a trampoline park about an hour from our house and I can't wait for my kids to try it! Glad your girl had a great time! She's a doll :)