Sunday, June 19, 2016

Jack Turns FOUR: The Big Day

It is unreal to me that Jack is already four years old!  It really does not seem that it has been that long since he was a new baby!  I feel like he celebrated his birthday for a week - from Ryan's actual day to his own actual day.  Thatta boy!

This was the scene on his birthday eve - donuts, a balloon, and his presents ready to go!  And just look at that angelic face sleeping.  His last picture as a three year old!
And then poof!  He turned four!  He started his day by running into our room with a concerned face and asking if he was four yet.  Once I said yes, he immediately looked relieved and climbed into bed with me to snuggle for a few minutes before we had to get up to start the day.  I will take snuggles anytime!  Just look at that sweet boy!  Newborn and then at each birthday!
He started the day with a donut and some milk!
And he is FOUR!!!!
And a quick picture with his crazy crew before we left to take Katie to VBS!
After we dropped her off, we headed to his swim lessons.  He is doing so well!  And at the end of class, he now likes to jump off the diving board...look at him flying!
Then we stopped at the Y for me to exercise for a bit before we headed to pick Katie up!  We ate lunch at home, and Tanja came to eat and visit!  What fun - and what a great picture she got of all of us!
After some quiet time of a movie and puzzles, we met Brad for dinner.  Jack picked Newks, so that is where we headed!
Once we got home, it was present time!  He was so excited to tear into them!  I think his favorite thing is his own Leappad.  He keeps calling it a Pup Pad like on Paw Patrol and I don't have the heart to correct him! Ha!
I'd say this dude had a great birthday!  I'll post more about the joint birthday party soon - it was fun!  And even better that it wasn't at our house :)


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