Monday, November 7, 2016

Pancakes + Pumpkins: Our Fall Tradition

I'm baaaaaack!  I have all of these potential blog posts bouncing around in my head.  One day I will get caught up and be able to do a day in the life, or new recipes, or just random little moments that happen in a day.  But in this season of life, I will do well to catch up with it all by the end of the year!

I can't let too much time go by without talking about one of my favorite fall traditions.  We have done this since Katie was a baby - I think this was the eighth year! 

On the Saturday about a week before Halloween, we headed out bright and early (because let's face it - there is no sleeping in around here) for breakfast at Puckett's.  Brad and I indulged in the buffet and the kids loved their Mickey pancakes with bacon!  Here we are before heading to Gentry's for some fun. 
And a picture of the crazy crew on the truck!  I need to make a collage of each year and how it has changed!
The kids wanted to do the little cornmaze - they were running the entire time!
 Then they each took a turn on the big tire swings.  Katie loves it!
 Just look at the joy on her face!
 Jack was excited for a turn too!
 Ryan wanted to be like the big kids, but he clung to that thing for dear life! 
 Then we gave him a little push and he LOVED it!
 They had a little photo bench area with props and stuff, but Ryan was the only one that cooperated...mainly because it was staged as a truck tailgate :)
We got their early enough that there wasn't a line for the hayride - it was great!  I wanted to take a family selfie, and this is how it turned out.  That's about right, I'd say!
 Then I got my big girl camera out and caught this cute picture!
And a selfie with Ryan!  He loved the hayride!  And actually - I almost lost my phone on the ride.  I didn't figure out I was missing my phone for a little bit.  Thankfully someone had turned it in and I was reunited with it at the concession stand.
 Jack loved crawling through the tunnel!
 Katie wanted to see how tall she is.  And holy cow - inching closer and closer to 5 feet tall.  She will be eye to eye with me in no time!
 Then we headed to the corn and grain play area.  It is always a hit!
 Even at age 7, Katie loves that area!
 And of course Jack loves it!  Wow he was shaggy - he got a haircut the next day :)
Towards the end, Ryan loved playing in this teepee!  He kept going in and jumping out to play peek-a-boo!  Silly dude.
 As the kids started getting tired and hungry, we went ahead and picked out a few pumpkins before heading home.  Each of the kiddos got their own little pumpkin and then we got a big family one.
And we got this picture taken!  It is definitely one of my favorite cell phone pictures in a long time.  If I had thought to take my sunglasses off and if Ryan had smiled, it would be perfection!  But I will take it!
And actually, when we were getting ready, I had these pumpkin shirts for the boys and Katie really wanted to wear something with a pumpkin on it.  Thank goodness I had gotten this shirt at a consignment sale!  It worked perfectly.  Next year I will know to check with her and see where she stands on those type of issues :)

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