Wednesday, April 16, 2008

11 Days & Counting....

Well only a week and a half until we leave for Europe!!! I started thinking this morning, again, about everything we need to take care of before we leave....
  • Sadie's accomodations
  • Calling all the credit cards & banks
  • Scheduling any automatic payments that will be due while we are gone
  • Making sure we have all necessary clothing
  • Making a list of things we want to do in each city
  • Finding a ride to and from the airport
  • Making sure someone gets our mail
  • Canceling the paper
  • Getting someone to cut our yard while we are gone (at least one time)
..and the list goes on!! I guess this weekend we will take care of a lot of that - plus, not to mention, we still need to get our yard in good shape (i.e. pulling weeds, fertilizing, putting all the flower seeds I bought out...). So much to do STILL!! Not to mention that it is SO incredibly hard to work when I am at work (once again, I am blogging instead of working) because we are so majorly excited about our trip and a little anxious about getting everything in order. Well, it is finally time to leave work...what a gorgeous day outside...I can hardly wait to drive with the window down and the sunroof open listening to fun music!! :)

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