Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Interlaken Adventures

Well we have been in Interlaken for the past few days and it is absolutely gorgeous. Spring has sprung and there are lots of flowers everywhere around here. It is absolutely amazing to look up and see snow-capped mountains...especially the Jungfrau (despite it raining this afternoon, which makes it rather cool out there)!! Tuesday was a daytrip up to the Jungfrau. In one of the small towns, we even saw a St. Bernard with a keg on its neck!! Once at the top, it was kind of cloudy, but it cleared up for a few minutes so we were able to see a small bit of the 13 mile glacier that is up there (11,333 feet). After we got back, we went to a pub and had a few drinks and then went to a restaurant for was YUMMY!!!

Today we went to Lucerne for the day. We saw some old churches and even went up on the fortress wall that was once used to protect the city. It is a very pretty place with the lake surrounded by mountains. Immediately after we finished eating at a cafe on the sidewalk, it got really blustery and cold and began raining. We then decided it was time to come back to Interlaken so we jumped on the train and headed back. Hopefully tonight we will have another delicious Swiss meal and then come back to pack up. Tomorrow we head to Venice for the night. Friday we will do a ¨Venice in One Day¨tour and then that afternoon take the train to Rome. How exciting!!

We miss everyone but we are definitely having a great time - and as you can guess, I have taken a LOT of pictures already!!!

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