Wednesday, April 23, 2008


OK so I just had to count on my fingers how many days we have until our departure, and I CAN DO IT ON ONE HAND NOW!!!! That is just so thrilling :) I am also now making yet another list of things that need to be accomplished before we head out. I think we have all of the big stuff taken care of (thank goodness), so now it is making sure the necessary folks have a key to the house, that I have uploaded all my pics from my camera onto the computer so I start with a clean slate, and all that kind of fun stuff!

Working is becoming more and more difficult by the day - i.e. As I am sitting here, I am thinking, "Wow, a week from now I will be in Switzerland and exhausted from an exciting day out and about!"...I believe the time difference is 7 or 8 hours ahead. I guess I will find out for sure once we arrive.

The main thing that is making me anxious at this point is packing - trying to fit almost 3 weeks of crap into a bag that size just is NOT right! If I think of it, I will take a picture of everything layed out and then a picture of it all fitting into my bag (cross your fingers!!). Well, I am off to accomplish some of my tasks!

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  1. Only 4 more days!!! I am going to miss my walking buddy but I know we will have a LOT to talk about when you come back! See you in a bit!